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How To Fall in Love

How to Fall in Love

How to Fall in Love

 How long did it take you to fall in love with your spouse? He had me hooked on the first date. It was something about a man treating me at the Olive Garden in 2002.  No my bad it was an Italian restaurant called Monjunis.  

Of course I had several other boyfriends before him, but nobody had ever treated me to a nice dinner before him.  I mean spending $30 - $35 on a meal for two back then was expensive.  Which I know that is nothing compared to 2022, but it was special y'all.  

So, honey that is how you fall in love with a man.  It has to be something different, that makes him stand out from the rest of the crayons in the box, lmbo.  To this day, which is almost 20 years later, there are very few things that surprise me with him.  However, he comes through with a few gifts that knock me off my feet and make me feel like that 17 year old girl again.  

Just know if you have a man like that, you are truly blessed indeed.  Focus on the good times and pray through the bad.  Challenge your husband in ways that will help him to grow, but don't challenge him to the point of no return.  Meaning be gentle, be kind, and most importantly be patient.  

Here's another funny post....#tiktok...Thanks for stopping by!!

How To Get A Man To Value You...So many women reward bad behavior.

How To Get A Man To Value You...

Husband Quote: How To Get A Man To Value You...So many women reward bad behavior.

So many women reward bad behavior. 

1. He cheats, and you take him back

2. You catch something inappropriate in his DM and you take him back.

3. You keep rewarding bad behavior.

Stop rewarding bad behavior over and over again, because it sends a message to the man that whatever I do, she will take me back.

The truth is you have to being willing to walk away from something or anyone.

If you're not willing to walk away, that thing or person will control you and many of you are being control, because you're not willing to walk away.

Marriage Arguments

 Marriage Arguments?

Husband Quotes: Marriage Arguments
Arguing with your husband? Don't fret me too!!

A lot of the times the silliest things can cause division in a marriage.

Oh, you don't believe me, well let tell you why.

The main reason is you are two people coming together to make this thing called marria

Even if you have been together 20 plus years, you find yourself still arguing over the same things 20 years ago. Trust me I'm speaking on facts and not assumptions.

But what I have learned is to speak on those things and let my spouse know what bothers me. Sometimes it changes him, sometimes it doesn't.

And that's the thing you can't look for it to always change him. You just have to accept what speaking your truth did for you. You don't want to hold that stuff in and allow it manifest in you and then all of a sudden during an argument you are trying to unpack 50 things in one argument. Don't let that stuff build up in you. Tell your husband and address it immediately. Do not give the enemy any right in your marriage.

He will use the smallest of things to cause arguments. No, we bind Satan up in the name of Jesus.

Can You Change a Grown Man?

Can You Change a Grown Man?

No, you can not change a grown man.  Why did you ever think you have the mental, physical, and spiritual capacity to change him.  The changing starts with you.  
Marriage Quotes

Melody Holt moves back from Atlanta to Huntsville to start filming for new season of Love and Marriage Huntsville #LAMH

 So, I wanted to talk today about Love & Marriage Huntsville, because they are currently filming for the upcoming season.  

I also want to talk about how Melody threw shade at LaTisha Scott for wanting to be like her.  I don't know if y'all remember but season one reunion of #LAMH, Kimmie called Melody bougie.  And a lot of fans including Melody herself, seem to think that LaTisha is coping Melody in a way by trying to walk in her footsteps by taking photoshoots and doing speaking engagements.

Bad New for Kierra Sheard's Wedding Plans & after her Fiancé was fired STOP drinking smoking & partying & turned to God

Bad New for Kierra Sheard's Wedding Plans & her Fiancé goes live to share he stop drinking, smoking, & partying 

Watch Full Video on my YouTube Channel: Everyday Husband Quotes

A few weeks ago I did a video about fans calling gospel singers Jekalyn Carr and Kierra Sheard new men hood and tatted up.  And I personally don't have a problem with men who are hood or who have tattooes that are in the church, but I don't know how y'all are going to feel about this video I am about to show you.

Also, Kierra Sheard originally was making wedding plans next year for May 2021.  However, this is what she had to say about their wedding plans

As we continue to get to know Jordan Kelly more and more, it's only natural that he would want to share his struggles and where he came from.  So, he's basically giving his testimony in this live video by saying he used to drink, smoke, and party, but he lost his job at Quicken Loans and started to go to church.

Kierra Sheard admits that she has known Jordan Kelly since they were younger.  He went off to school, Kierra was working on her career, but years later when Jordan return home and lost his job, he started attending church more and Kierra admits that this is when she started to notice Jordan and pick up on his vibes. 

Rumors of Melody and Martell Holt getting a divorce, is Sis okay [video inside]

Melody is seen in this Tik Tok without her wedding ring.

All of Martell’s pictures are deleted from her Instagram account.

And fans believe Mel performing to Megan Thee Stallion Savage challenge is a message about her being single.

Now Sis was bad, don’t get me wrong…But if you notice, anytime the Holts have something going on, they put on a show, to draw the people in.

And I don’t know about y’all, but I do feel they do all that to keep the people checking for them.

And this Tik Tok video was no different.

In the blogs Melody and Martell have been trending, because Martell asked for a divorce.

Melody left the house with my kids, because I told her I wanted a divorce.

He goes on to say, she blocked me from calling or texting my children.

Her mom Vanessa Tracy blocked me as well.

He says I wasn’t in these streets, I was in my house.

Tammy Rivera learns to stop bashing her husband Waka Flocka for his past mistakes

Tammy Rivera learns to stop bashing her husband Waka Flocka for his past mistakes

Hey Hey guys and welcome welcome back to the channel

Remember when Tammy and Waka Flocka were on Marriage Bootcamp the Hip Hop Edition.

For some reason I couldn’t understand why Tammy was angry. I expected for Waka to be apologetic for his past infidelity, but that really wasn’t the case, that wasn’t the issue in their marriage at the time on the show.

The problem was how Tammy talked to Waka, which came across as aggressive and angry. Her aggressive behavior even showed up on their new show this season What the Flockas on WETV.

Now Tammy takes the time to explains a little bit of her back story about why she’s so angry.

She says, I didn’t understand what was really going on when I was going through it. Me personal I didn’t look at things like oh, I’m in an abusive relationship. I just lived life and went through it.

The more I got older, I realize this is not what I want to do anymore. It’s time for me to get up out of here. I didn’t realize how much that part of my life would effect my today life and it took for my husband to show me, like yo every time I say something to you, you’re very defensive.

TI&Tiny Family Hustle LeToya Luckett husband Tommy says we're an open book don't hold anything back

TI&Tiny Family Hustle LeToya Luckett’s husband Tommy these are some of the issues in our marriage Hey Hey guys and welcome welcome back to the channel. Tommy and LeToya have been arguing a lot on television lately. Their show TI & Tiny’s Family Hustle is picking their marriage apart, like they live on front street. But Tommy and LeToya continue to put out in the atmosphere that they want their marriage to be a testimony for others. Tommy says, That’s what it’s all about, being honest and transparent, me and my wife, we’re an open book. We don’t hold anything back. We definitely want to help people out, because our marriage and relationship is real.

Married to Medicine LA Jazmine Johnson says her husband referred her on the show, stop judging him

Jazmine Johnson Married to Medicine LA, says her husband got her a job on Married to Medicine LA Hey Hey guys and welcome welcome back to the channel Joe Bazile’s channel here on YouTube and I hope I’m pronouncing that right interviewed Jazmine Johnson from Married to Medicine L.A. A lot of people judges Jazmine’s husband from the drug dealer comment Dr. Imani made from Season one. And also Jazmine’s husband is the only husband that hasn’t shown his face on the show so far. So, Jazmine does receive a lot of backlash from that, but in this interview she clears up the rumors about why her husband isn’t on the show. First, listen to what Dr. Imani Walker told Dr. Heavenly Kimes and Lia Dias about Jazmine’s husband and then I’ll come back to tell you what Jazmine says about her own husband.