Don't Ever Stop Dating Your Wife and Don't Ever Stop Flirting With Your Husband

Ever heard the saying, Don't ever stop dating your wife and don't ever stop flirting with your

Remember, the first day you laid your eyes on your wife.  You didn't know it then, that she was the woman you were going to marry and you worked your butt off to do everything possible to get your queen.

Remember, how your heart skipped a beat when you first say her.  You were so in tune with this woman.  She had your attention and there was no way you were allowing that precious jewel to get away from you.

Hopefully, she gave you a little chase before you got the first opportunity to truly wrap your arms around her and hopefully she gave you a run for your money before you had the opportunity to kiss her.

I'm sure you can remember your first date, the first time you got an opportunity to glance in her eyes, and that magical moment you felt inside thinking she may actually be the one.  I know it wasn't easy getting to that point in your lives, but husband you did everything you could to prove to that woman that you loved her.  It didn't matter if it was you guys against the world.  You made her feel like she was the only special girl and that you could make her happy forever.

So, what stopped?  Most marriages get comfortable.  We somehow forget how to be a friend, a lover, and the person who forgives over and over again.  Wives, I haven't forgot about you.

So Wives,
Remember, how we would take extra time in the mirror to make sure our hair was right.  How we wanted to make sure our clothing fit all in the right spot, so he would notice our assets.

Remember, how you would hold on to every word he said, because it made you feel so good inside.  How you always ask for his advice and you acknowledge him as the man in your life.  The little things he did always was just enough to brighten your day and put a smile on your face.  It made you feel so good inside.  He was your world!

But now we get so caught up in motherhood or our jobs or whatever has your focus and we lose track of the things that really matter.  We lose our focus on the things we once loved about him.

Well, I'm here to tell you that's it's not too late to regain what you thought you lost.  The thing about us as human beings is God created us from his image.  Which means we were made to love, to forgive, and to have chance after chance after chance.

So, don't make it hard to date your wife and don't make it hard to flirt with your husband.  It's suppose to be fun, magical, and refreshing.

Try This!
A movie
A couples date
Staying home just the 2 of you
A weekend trip to a nearby resort

Try This!
Dressing for the occasion
Spruce yourself up a little
I want my husband's attention tonight

Try This!
Turning your cell phones off
No dinner table social media

Try This!
Mixing things up
Both of you do something out of your comfort zone.

Marriage takes work.  I know we don't go into marriage thinking this, but it does.  There's going to be so many things that you face together and you have to know how to deal with those things head on and not let them control your marriage.

Continue to respect the other person, hold hands, and men continue to open the door for your woman.  I promise it's the little things that can make a big difference.  Ladies, don't give your husband a hard time.  Pray for him, tell him how much you love him, appreciate him, care for him, and don't try to ever put more on him than he can bare.

Marriage is so special in all of its ways.  It's work, because it's a growing relationship.  There's no way that you can learn everything about a person before you marry them, because we all change and grow.  Circumstances makes us change and grow.  Children makes us change and grow.  Jobs makes us change and grow.

If you don't like the way your marriage is heading or if you don't like the state that your marriage is in, I know in faith those things can change.

I'll be praying for you and your spouse and praying that God continues to heal, elevate, and bless the marriages that He has joined together.

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