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Marriage Box: Most people get married believing marriage is
Most people get married believing a myth that marriage is a beautiful box full of all the things they have longed for.

The truth is, at the beginning of every marriage, the box is empty.

It's your responsibility to fill your marriage box with love, giving, serving, praising, and then continue to add more things and keep it replenished with the things already in the box.

If you take out more than you can put in, than the box will be empty.

When I became married, my marriage box had one thing in it and that was a fresh start.  But I didn't realize there were some things I would have to change about me, before the fresh start occurred in me and then hopefully would continue on in my marriage.

So, as  life moved on I begin to embrace the changes happening in my life.  And guess what. the change was so great that it flowed on to my husband and he began to change in the ways I hoped to always see him..

Some of the things that changed in my life
Some of the things that changed in my life, was getting some me time for myself.  I think this has been the biggest change, but by far the greatest change in my marriage.

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You guys when I say I needed time to refresh myself as a mother, as a wife, and as business woman, I don't say that, because I am tired of playing those roles.  That is never the case.  However, when you begin to wake up every morning and you find yourself in the same routine, it starts to get tiring.  You begin to ask yourself is this all to life,  You wonder is there more that I should be getting from life and everything around you can become so draining.

The First 5 Years
The first 5 years my husband and I were together was definitely us getting to know one another.  We had been through so much and everything we would go through we would conqueror it, but it was just hard to get there.  We went through depression, stress, we were financially unstable at times, I went through so many jobs during those years, we had one child at the time, we had one vehicle, and I had hormones that were causing me to grow up, but they were hormones that were raging.

Sometimes, I didn't know if I was happy, sad, angry, or if I felt blessed.  I was just literally all over the place.  Then my husband was trying to be the provider, trying to be the best dad he knew how and keep in mind he had no example to go by other than his mother.  I mean to think back on those moments, I honestly don't know how we survived.  But I'm so thankful that we did.

The Next 3 Years
The next 3 years, we finally got married and also in that time we had another baby, but things between us were a lot better than what they had been in all of the years we had been together.  We had great supportive friends who were living right and encourage us to do the same.  They were literally a walking example of how to live life.

Once, we got married we definitely experienced some more rough patches and bumps in the road.  However, I will say by the time we got to the 8th year of being together we were starting to live our best days.

Being with my husband as long as I have, you can believe that I have learned how to take that me time, my husband gets the time that he needs for his-self as well, and when we do come together we truly enjoy each other's company.  We don't have as much worry and stress as we had in the first 7 years of marriage.

I feel I have dedicated, planted so many seeds, and contribute to his box in our marriage in so many ways.  And he has done the same for me.  

We have also added memories, date night, new ways to be intimate, new friends, and we have even learned to compromise.

And guess what?!?!
Everyday we are still contributing to our marriage box and taking things out too as we need them.
What's in Your Marriage Box:  Happiness, sadness, stress, being financially unstable


I was on Pinterest today and ran across this article from Susie Romans.  It says...
"My hubby and I celebrated our 3 years of marriage this October.  Although we've had our ups and downs I do know this to be true:  Men need and want to be loved.

Not only that, but they need to be reminded.

Marriage is like a box that you deposit little love bombs into.  When you are always doing this, always depositing, your hubby will feel it.  He needs to also do his part by adding his deposit of love into this box.  

Times will come, moments, arguments, and you will want to look into that box of love bombs and take out a few as reminders of how you and your hubby really feel during times of trial."

 I love the way how Susie puts it by saying this: Men need to be loved and you need to deposit good things into your marriage box.  

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I always talk about these things on my Facebook page called Everyday Husband Quotes, because I want women to understand that you are not the only one who goes through these things.  Every marriage has problems, but it's how we deal with them, that makes the difference.  Are you going to argue, fight, fuss, scream, yell, talk down to one another, curse one another out, kick the other out the house, leave the other person, because they are not following your demands or are you going to stay and try to resolve the issues.

Most of the time little issues, turn into big issues.  Little arguments turn into the silent treatment.  Or what was meant as a joke is taken out of perspective and the other person gets offended.   Please know these things happen in all relationships, not just yours.

So, I absolutely love the Marriage Box, because it's like a visual reminder of how to treat your spouse, it reminds you to always lift the other person up, and it helps when things are bad.

Do you need help getting starting with your marriage box?  Here's some things my husband and I have deposited into our marriage box.

Greeting Cards and A Purse
I don't about you, but I am a visual person.  I love to see things that remind me of how much my husband loves me and I love to go back from time to time to look at old greeting cards he gave me 10 years ago.  I actually have the very first name brand purse he gave me and even though it's not in style these days, I have kept it, because of the sentimental attachment.

Now, there are times, when I'm at work and it's quiet and I just begin to reflect back on some of the really special things my husband has said to me.  You know they can say some off the wall stuff, but the memories I am talking about are the really special things he has said to me.

Being together for as long as we have, sometimes we don't always say I love you or kiss one another before leaving for work, but it's okay.  My husband has put so many great things in my Marriage Box, that I am able to reflect on these things sometimes and it just brings it an overwhelming joy.

So, again I ask what is in your Marriage Box?  What sweet things are you telling your husband?  What do you do for your husband to remind him of how special he is to you?  Are you showing him respect and love?  I promise you as you begin to deposit all of these things in him, he will do the same for you.  But take your time, don't rush it.  Don't even remind your husband of all the work you are putting in.  I promise you if you are doing a great job, he will notice. Don't nag him, don't remind him, don't constantly talk about what you are doing to change things in your marriage...just do it.

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