Arguing with your husband? Pray about it!

Arguing with your husband? Pray about it!
Arguing with your husband is something none of us want to experience, but it happens.  I no longer say words to my husband to tear him down, but instead I pray about it.  Sometimes, the words I want to say to him is given to God in prayer.  I know that God can handle these words, but my husband can't.  This may be something that you will have to do to keep the peace in your marriage.  I know you want so badly for your husband to hear
how he has hurt you, but there is a time and place for everything.  You have to realize you are two different people with different personalities.
Yes, the desire for marriage is for you to think as one, love as one, and be one.

Take this journey with me as we pray to the Lord about arguing with our husband.

Dear Father God,
I come to you as humble as I know how praying to you for my husband.  We had an argument and right now I'm hurting.  Lord I pray that you remove this feeling of wanting to give up on him right now...that you remove the feelings of wanting to give up on my marriage.  

I pray Lord that you help him to understand what I was truly trying to say.  I pray that as you open his mind, that he begins to receive it and as you open his heart I pray that you mend it.  Mend it to where it is not hardened toward me. Lord help me to understand that you are majestic in all your ways.  That your ways are not ours and that you sit high and look low and you can see everything that we are going through right now.  I know Father God that you are bigger than this argument we had.  I know Lord God that you are mighty and you already have the solution to this problem we are facing.  So help us Lord God.  Please hear my humble cry.  I need you Lord.  I praise you Lord,  I worship you Lord in spirit and in truth.  And I am standing on your Holy word.  Thank you Lord and we ask these things in Jesus name.


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