How to be a good wife to your husband

How to be a good wife to your husband
This question has always pondered me: How to be a good wife to my husband?  Even after being together almost 14 years, I find I am still asking myself that question.  For years I tried to be the perfect wife.  I would cook, clean, dress myself how he wanted me to look, style my hair like he liked it, and put myself in awkward positions for him.  Well, obviously this was not working for me.  I was pretty terrible at trying to live up and be the perfect wife.  I even asked my husband on several occasions, what he thought the perfect wife was.  And to be
honest with you he really didn't know.  He had no clue.  He just knew what he didn't want.

What he didn't want was a complaining, nagging, and unappreciated wife.  Ha!  Yep! I was all those things for many years.  When I finally started to change and I felt like I had eliminated the nagging and being appreciative I wanted my husband to see it.  I was still complaining at times, but the other things I was slowly removing from my life.  So what changed?  What made me be a good wife?  Why was I the perfect wife now?
Well, again to be honest with you I had made up in my mind that I was a good perfect wife.  The

things I normally would do for my husband to try and please him, I started doing them for myself.  Let's take cleaning the house for example.  I know when my house is a mess, I can't function.  Well, when my husband would upset me, I would go for days without cleaning the house.  An argument between my husband and I would last at least a week.  On that first day I would take all of his things out of the closet and pack them and tell him to head to his mom's.  Well, when that didn't work I would go on strike.  I wouldn't cook, clean, or do anything I thought would help him.  I did this for years you guys, but eventually I got tired of living this way.
One day, after a huge argument between us, there was something that told me, I had to start doing these things to please myself instead of my husband.  After, we would makeup it was not him, that was trying to get the house back in order, but me.  It was so tiring and I don't understand why it took me so long to know that I needed a change.
If any of you are like me, I am sure you have horror stories.  In a perfect world wives, you would know how to be a good wife to your husband, but for many of us, we don't live in that type of environment.  What you can do is learn how to be a little independent and do things for you.  This will help you to be on the right track in becoming a good wife.  If your husband appreciates it, than good for him, but if not...Oh Well!!!!

I won't call any names, but when my husband goes and visit with other people in their homes and he sees how they lives he can appreciate one of two things.  First, their house is a wreck.  When he gets home and sees the fridge is clean, toilets are shiny, and dishes are out of the sink he will appreciate me.  Secondly, if their house is super clean, but ours isn't, then he will probably be upset.

Today I want to pray with you about how to be a good wife to your husband.  It's not hard, I promise, but it does start with you.

Dear Lord,
I am human.  I have fleshy desires.  Sometimes I'm selfish and I can't put my husband needs before mines.  But I'm asking in the ways I am slacking in being a good wife....I am asking you to increase in me.  You see Lord I want my desires to be from you.  I want you to lead me.  Be in my thoughts.  I'm not sure what a good wife is to my husband, but I know you know.  So strengthen my mind so I can receive your thoughts.  Strengthen my heart to allow it to remain in love with my husband and not hardened when he disrespects me.  Strengthen my spirit sweet Father, so it over powers my flesh.  I know I am capable of being a great wife to my husband.  I know I am capable of being the wife he dreams about in his wildest dreams.  Allow my husband to only have a desire for me and help me to only have a desire for him.  I wan to love him past all the faults we have committed, past all the arguments we have performed in the past, and past all the pain we have forced on one another, because of our selfish ways.  Lord I love this man.  I want to be a perfect wife, a trophy wife, a good cook, I want to keep the house clean for him, I want to be a good mother to his children.  The love I have for him, puts the desire in me to want to do all those things.  But Lord if it's not your way, then I ask that only your will be done.  Not mines, but yours.  

In Jesus name,

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