Don't Ever Stop Dating Your Wife and Don't Ever Stop Flirting with Your Husband

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Embrace your marriage
It's a beautiful thing
Ready to work, work, work, at flirting with your husband?  I'm so excited for you today, because I know how important it is to spend time with your spouse.  In the midst of your busy lives you have to learn how to find that quality time to spend with your spouse.  I can't stress to you enough how important that time is.  And if you are struggling with this, the most important point I want you to take from all of this advice today is to learn
to date your spouse on purpose.
That means no matter what, you have to set time aside, prepare activities to do together, and enjoy dating your spouse.

All of our lives are so busy.  You're working maybe two jobs, you're in school, you may have children, maybe you are a part of a ministry, there's after school activities for your
kids, cooking, cleaning, working on someone's car, or whatever it may be, I know that there are things in your life that makes your life cluttered, busy, and stressful.  But, still you have to embrace your marriage, nurture it, and make sure you are taking care of the other person in your marriage, because it's not a one man show.

When you became married to your spouse you both became one.  Sometimes it may feel you are not one and like you are living separate lives, because of all the stuff that is going on personally with just yourself.  And even though you have all that going on, I want to say to you again, that you should not use all of that as an excuse to not spend time with your spouse or give your spouse the best you.

When you think about couples who are angry, bitter, who are in counseling, or who may be thinking about filing for divorce, they will probably tell you their not sure how they got to this point in their marriage, but life happened.  I also believe that we have a tendency to forget marriage is not easy and that it requires work.  And a lot of us don't want to put in the work for our marriage, because I believe we are lazy, we're selfish, or maybe you're imaginations causes you to believe in fairytales that just may not come true.

I am a firm believer that dreams do come true.  But I am not dumb founded by the fact that it takes hard work to make your dreams come true.

You can't go to work and come home and give your spouse the leftovers.  You can't hang
out all night with your friends and come home and expect for your spouse to be happy about this if you're doing this way to often.  You can't expect to magically have a happy marriage if you're not contributing to bringing in the happiness in your home.  It's not possible.
Create your own date night from a Box. You choose your theme:Movie night, spa night, camp night

There are so many things that can distract you from being the best for your spouse.  Before you know it, you are asking yourself where did the time go.  How did my marriage get to this point.  We seem so distant and busy with life, that we hardly have time for each another.  And then sometimes we ask ourselves why am I even married?

I can tell you that, because I've been there.  I have friends who have said these things to me.  I use to tell myself, this is not what I signed up for and I know you say those same words, because I hear it all the time.  I am a young wife and I have young friends who are married too.  And even though we don't share a lot of the things that happens in our marriage, because it's really none of nobody's business, we do tend to vent to one another.  And these are a lot of the things I hear.  And sometimes, I still find myself saying, this is not what I signed up for.

And when I say those words, it's like a switch that comes on, because I wouldn't just say those words, if everything was good in my marriage.  So, then I have to think back on what have I been doing to contribute to my marriage.  Did I complain, did I do something to my husband to turn him off, or what is it?

I'm telling you if you just work a little bit in your marriage, you will have a better marriage.  Continue to add on to that little.  You will have a feeling of fulfillment, you will be happy, your burdens will be light, you won't be stress, those negative thoughts might come up, but you'll be able to cast them down, because of the joy you have.

So, today I just want to refresh your thoughts about your spouse.  These simply ways to date your wife and flirt with your husband are so helpful.  I have used all of these methods several times and I know for a fact that they work.

Let's get started by giving you a scenario.

So, first remind yourself and your husband by saying: 

I am flirting with you if I tell you how amazing you are.  Do you see how engage I am by looking into your eyes while you are talking?  I love you and here's some encouragement to show you how much I love you:

You are a priority in my life and so I promise to always give you my best attention.  I am dedicated to you husband and I promise to put in the work everyday to have a great successful marriage.  Even when I don't feel or want to.

I promise to always date and flirt with you every single day of our lives spent together.  I actually love to flirt with you.  I know how hard you worked at getting my phone number when we first met.  It took a lot of courage.  The time and effort we put in together at the beginning of our relationship is not unnoticed, but there is still much work to do.  No matter how I'm feeling, how I'm looking sometimes, and how I mistreat you...I love you more each and everyday.  You are my best friend, one of the loves of my life, and I appreciate every amazing thing you do.

Now that I have your juices following, let's embrace your marriage, because it is a beautiful thing!  I'll like to share with you somethings that have worked for my marriage.  Let's begin!

I love mornings.  It's like you know, you're getting a fresh new start.  

So, every morning I try to kiss my husband. With his morning breathe and all, you better believe I'm still wanting a kiss.  

I also, send those cute little yellow emoji faces that blow kisses in a text message to my husband throughout the day too.  

Then, almost every evening, when he gets home from work he kisses me and for bedtime you guess it, we are kissing agin.  How often are you kissing your spouse?  Kissing is a very unique way of showing intimacy to your spouse.  It's a very sweet romantic gesture too.

Flirt With Your Eyes
Eye contact is a great way to flirt with your husband
Eye contact is one of the most powerful ways that people convey attraction.

In modeling they want you to smile with your eyes.

So, learn how to show an emotion in your eyes like love,

Any time my husband is going through something I can tell from his eyes.  Sometimes, I tell him I can literally see the hearts in his eyes, because of the love he has for me.  Or I can see the flames in his eyes when he has something on his chest that he wants to get off.

One other way to give your eyes some sparkle is simple.  All you really need to do is think of something sweet your husband has done.  This will make your heart flutter, your eyes sparkle, and give your skin a glow.

Leave a note on the mirror
Words are so powerful.  They can literally tear a person down or build a person up.  Words can be a great reminder to a person of how much they are appreciated.  That's why Hallmark is such a successful business.  They always have the right words to say. I truly believe when you put your husband's needs before yours, you will be blessed.  So, you can say things like this below:
My love for you will last until the end of time.
I know if I did anything right in my life, it was when I gave my heart to you.
My inspiration, my strength, my soulmate, my life.  I love you so much husband.
Thank you husband for cheering me on, hugging me tight, and keeping me strong.
I love you yesterday.  I still love you.  I always have and I always will.

Engage in Conversation
When conversation starts to fade, everything else will follow
-author unknown
In our home late night conversation is always the best.  Kids are sleep, our minds are relaxed, and we seem a lot more thankful to have one another.  

In your marriage you are going to have to figure out when to engage in conversation. Conversation should always give you an opportunity to laugh, to engage in one another's separate life outside of marriage (mostly work life), and to be reminded of the simple things in life.  

You have to remember to stay humble in your marriage too.  Conversation reminds you to be humble in marriage, because you are talking one another's language.  If you never talked with one another, you would always be forming imaginary thoughts in your mind about what the other person was thinking.  Those thoughts would never be cast down, because you didn't give your spouse the opportunity to answer the thoughts you were thinking.  

Conversations in your home should not center around bills and negativity.  Neither should you always be talking about other people.  

I love the late night conversations with my husband.  It just seems like our whole world is quiet.  The kids are off to bed, we have no worries in that moment, and it really seems like it's just him and I.  I wish I could have that moment all day for everyday of the week.  

Send your husband a text
Just the other day I sent my husband a text with a picture of us and lots of emoji hearts.  I wasn't having a bad day, but there was a memory that came across Facebook and it teared me up a little.  

I realized we hadn't had date night in a couple of weeks and I was stressed out.  I also realized how much we needed to go on a date and how important it is to take that time for us, but we just didn't have the funds to do so at the time.  So this had my imagination going...

I was going to create a romantic date night for us at home.  But if I hadn't seen that memory on Facebook and sent my husband a text, I would have never had the urge to do anything.

Back in the day text messaging was more of writing a letter to express yourself to a person about your feelings.  But I believe technology is so much better, because it allows us to be more creative.

Other ways to flirt with your husband
  • Save a picture of you both as a screen saver on your phone
  • Come up with a cute nickname
So, wives, take a minute to think...
Have you stop flirting with your husband?  If so, take another minute to see why you have?  Do you ever feel you're just not in the mood...maybe you're too busy and overwhelmed with other things going on that you just can't focus.

 Wiki How:How to communicate with your eyes:
Even though all of those things are interfering, you need to know that happy people who have happy marriages work to have one

You both have a responsibility in your marriage to keep one another happy.   Your happiness needs to be build on a solid foundation like creating great memories together, forgiving one another often, and keeping your marriage vows sacred by keeping your promise to always love one another.

No one said it would be easy, but if you use your faith, hope, confident, and spiritual guidance to help you everyday in your marriage then having a happy marriage is very much possible.

Things like materialistic items do not make a happy marriage.  Of course there is always sentimental value behind the thought of giving a great gift, but those feelings are always temporary.

You should be able to look at your husband and say I remember when we had a whole lot of financial struggles in the beginning of our marriage.  There were times where I felt we were not going to make it through.  Now, we make more money, we have way more nicer things, and we have other mouths to feed.  It gets hard now, but I know if we survived our trials back then, I believe we will survive this too.  

So no matter what it takes, work hard in your marriage and remember:
Don't ever stop flirting with your husband and Don't ever stop dating your wife.

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