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How Can I Thank You My Husband

Husband Thank You Quote:
Husband, you know I am not
perfect, but you make
me feel perfect and beautiful
in every way.  
Thank You my love!
I remember when I begin to dream.  There was something that was changing in my life that was causing me to have these aspiring dreams.

I remember dreaming of how I wanted life to be with my husband kids.  I wasn't sure how to make my dreams come true, but I knew what I wanted.  To this very day my dream has not changed.  I have had several chances at it and certainly many obstacles, but what I realized I lacked, was the consistently that it took to maintain it.

So, as you have probably already figured out, my dream was to become an entrepreneur.  I have always wanted to work for myself, but after high school that dream faded away.  It didn't reappear until after I had my first son.

I had to really dig deep one day to figure out why this dream was in me.  It was a really strong desire in my life, like wanting a certain food really bad.  Just when I thought I found fulfillment at working at another job, the dream would resurface and say look I'm still here.  It became frustrating at times.  Especially, in my relationship with my husband.  I tried so many times to explain to him about the thousands of ideals I had.  I'm sure he just came to a point, where he was like, whatever makes you happy I will support it.
How can I thank my husband

But for years, it felt like he didn't support me.  Like he was just going through the motions of life.  Like he didn't want anything more out of life than what he could see or put his hands on.  It bothered me at times.  I wanted him to dream with me.  I wanted him physically and mentally.  But as I look back on our life together, I realize he was my biggest supporter.  He was the one making sure I had everything I needed to make my dreams come true.  The way he showed his support was awkward though, because sometimes I felt he was there and sometimes I felt like he wasn't.
It takes millions of people to complete the world, but it only takes you to complete mine

I realized it was him, who was paying all the bills while I was trying to get this dream built?  It was him,  paying for the equipment I needed and sacrificing his own time while I spent sometimes endless hours working on my dreams.  It wasn't until recently, that I realized all of that.  And what more could a girl ask for.

When people decide to work for themselves, they usually have a few people in their corner when they get started.  We call those people supporters.  You have people literally cheering you on, saying girl that's a great ideal.  Some even ask what they can do to help.

Starting a business for yourself takes a lot of work.  Many people have great ideals that can potentially lead them to work for themselves, but how much time and effort are they wiling to put in to get there.  I have realized that just like marriage is hard work, so is working to build your dream.  A marriage won't prosper if you do nothing for it and the same is true for a dream.  Many people are lucky if  the same friends in the beginning hang around long enough to see their dreams manifest and prosper.  For many of us that doesn't happen, but I will say I was one of the fortunate ones.  My husband has been there to see every tear, every hardship, and every circumstance.
Husband I appreciate you for all the big and small ways you bring joy to my life.

And you know when things start to really work in your favor, you don't want to leave certain people behind.  You want to keep those who supported you through the entire process to be part of your success too.  When I look back to reflect on those moments, all I can think about is my husband.  The one person who never discouraged me or told me things would never work out.  I just want to thank him for everything. For every kind word, for every bill he paid, for being my toughest critic, and sometimes him saying nothing was the fuel I needed to pursue my dreams. And if he did discourage me, his encouragement has been strong enough to melt those memories of discouragement away.

I thank him for all the big and small ways he brings joy to my life.  For the sweet and gentle smiles that light up my world.  I can only tell you that my is heart is happy, because of you and I'm so grateful you happened to me.
The best place in the world is in the arms of someone who will not only hold you at your best, but will pick you up and hug you tight at your weakest moment.

I believe in marriage we have to learn to celebrate our union, our spouse, and support one another.  It's so easy to just think about me, me, and me all the time.  It's so easy to complain about how our needs aren't being met all the time.  I can't begin to tell you how many times I depended on things my husband did to make me happy.  Of course, I loved when he bought me flowers just because or when we went on vacation to rekindle some things.  But those were temporary things, to create memories.  I thank my husband for the act of kindness and for the memories.  However, I want you to know that it will take more things like that to continue to create happiness in your marriage.
A good marriage does not require a perfect man or woman.  It only requires a man and woman committed to strive together towards perfection.

It takes you saying kind words to one another.  Sometimes, it takes proving that you love that person.  In the beginning it's really easy to show someone how much you love them.  Giving someone your time by talking to them is really easy to do.  But then you have to learn how to think outside of the box.  Things I thought my husband would never be able to do for me like buying a car and proposing at our church are things I thought would never happen to me.  He has also blessed my life by being generous to others with his time and love.
I know my husband loves me, because he puts up with me...Even when I'm moody.

The thing I want you to understand is your spouse does nice things for you every day.  Even if it means going to work and putting groceries on the table.  Eventually, as your love begins to grow for one another, you will have a desire to want to do more.  Hopefully, things in your life continue to add to your life so you can be able to afford the things you want in life and be able to enjoy those things with your spouse.

I have those memories to reflect on when things get rough in our marriage.  It's not the materialistic item that I am reflecting on, but the look on his face when he surprised me.  That is priceless to me.

So, before I go I want to encourage you to thank your spouse each and every day.  Thank you's are important.  Hallmark the card company has a whole department of cards that simply say thank you.  You know why, because they make a whole lot of money when people want to simply say thanks!

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