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Part of having a great marriage is accepting the changes that life will take you through

When you’re married you have to learn to embrace the changes that will occur.  Your hair, your body, you as an individual will change.  Some changes are unwanted and they really seem like a
pain to go through sometimes.  However, other changes are much needed and welcomed. 

I think what we all have to learn is respecting the change and embracing it.  We can't always expect for our marriage to be what our fantasy marriage is in our heads and we have to know that marriage changes over time, because we are people and we as people change overtime. 

My husband for example wears the same style clothing he wore 15 years when we first started dating.  But some of the name brands he wore back then, are not in business today.  So, he has to adjust.  If he wants new clothes in this day and time he has to get with the latest. 
The same goes for marriage.  You have to stay with your spouse's latest, in order to make it work and gel together.

Change is not always bad

Sometimes, it can feel like you are leaving your spouse,

because you are growing so much as a person.

It can make you feel alone

and like your spouse doesn't understand

then changes taking place.

On the other hand,

the change could be for the better.

This change could be so great in you that,

it was just what your spouse needed from you.

It's a change for the better.

One thing, that I will tell you is to embrace any change that comes your way while being married.  Embrace the changes that make you want to cry, give up at time, and you will see that change is not that bad after all

You have to learn how to press into the very thing that is causing pain in your marriage.  Learn how to deal with it face to face.  That may be praying about it, letting go of it by writing in your journal, spending some much needed time with yourself, or sometimes, just giving the situation time to simmer down or pass.  

It's hard to press into pain.  It does not feel good at all.  You'll think to yourself, I'm not strong enough for this or you may say what did I do to deserve this or you may say I didn't even ask for this.  But a lot of the times you have asked for the pains inflicted upon your life.  There is something that your pain is always connected to that you have prayed for, mediated on, or simply spoke it out of your mouth.  

When we ask for things a lot of the times, it does not come the way how we intend for it to come.  It usually has another way of manifesting itself in our life.  After the storm is over, the pain begins to feel like a rainbow in the sky or the pot of gold that comes with the rainbow.  

Be encouraged and know that marriage is hard.  It takes work.  Your happily ever after is in all the pain you will endure, all the tears you will cry, all the nights you will stay up going back and forth about an argument you two had, all the money wasted trying to show how much you love one another, all the time wasted arguing.....Your happily ever after is there, because if you make it through all those tough times, one day you will look back over your life and say I wouldn't change anything that happened in my life.

Those things helped me to be the woman I am today.  Those things nurture me, made me grow up, gave me common sense, and wisdom.  I can use my pass to help someone else.  

Know that you will survive this!  Embrace the changes that life will take you through.  Sometimes, your spouse will understand, sometimes he will not.  You will survive, you are more than a conqueror, and know that you overcame that very change that life took you through.  

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