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Beyonce's Dance Captain Ashley Everett ends 2 year engagement to John, opens up to Essence Magazine

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Now Miss Ashley Everett dances for Beyonce.  I have seen her in Beyonce’s single ladies video.  And that’s where she actually begin to catch my attention.  Today we are going to be talking about her public engagement and her behind close doors love life with her ex finance John Silver. 

Now over the years Beyonce has continued to put out more music and when she tours, we meet some of the people that have helped make Beyonce’s shows a success. 

And don’t come for me in the comment section of this video Beyhive, because for one I am a Beyonce fan, but Beyonce can’t make the show happen by herself.  Yes she has a stage prescence, but the creativiness to help bring her tour shows to life are not magical done by Beyonce alone.  No shade, but it’s the truth.  It takes a team and that’s just what it is.

So with all of that being said Ashley Everett is one of the ladies in the background that has danced for Beyonce for a long long time.  And Ashely puts it like this, she says

When her ex finance proposed to her, she says Beyonce knew how much history me and John had, she just wanted to pay her respects.  And she knew Beyonce allowed for that to happen, because of the history of her relationship with John.  Meaning this was act of gratitude from Beyonce and obviously Ashley must really mean a lot to Beyonce to let something like this happen. 

Now I do remember when Ashley got proposed to y’all. I saw the video on social media and I couldn’t believe Beyonce had stopped her show to allow something like this to happen.  It did make me ask myself, how much does Beyonce care for Ashley, because she was obviously doing this as a favor for Ashley and not John her ex finance.  If that makes sense. 

So, like I said I loved the video of Ashley being proposed to.  It was all over social media y’all.  She looked so happy, so her putting this article out with Essence, makes me want to zone in and find out why didn’t it work and I think I have a really great guess, based on what Ashley told Essence in this interview.

So, Ashley did a recent interview with Essence Magazine like I said September of 2019.  I will try to leave a link to it in the description box, but if not you can find it on essence dot com just type in the search bar on essence’s website Ashley Everett.  And that is Ashley with an ley at the end. 

And to me a moment that seemed liked it was suppose to be  glitter and gold, this proposal was suppose to be magical and romantic and a time in your life that you never want to wake up from, turned out to be one of the most confusing times in her life, because she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do.  She wasn’t sure if she wanted to be married to John.  I believe Ashley never wanted to be married to this man. 

Why did she say yes in the first place, well your guess is just as good as mines, but what I will say is she couldn’t tell him no when he proposed.  Y’all she was in front of all of these people and Beyonce her good friend let her borrow her stage to let this moment happen.  So how was she suppose to respond.

Exactly, she was suppose to say yes.  She had no other choice but to say yes.  Imagine if she would have said no.  That’s so embrassing to him as a man and it would have played with his ego, but hey at least she would have spoke her truth.

Okay, so let’s break this down.  All of this that I am about to read to you to me makes it seem like Ashley wasn’t ready to get married and the timestamp of their relationship leads me to think that Ashley never loved this man, the way how he loved her. 

Meaning Ashley was not all in it at the time of the proposal. 

Now, She told Essence that the year she got proposed to and during that time of the proposal she was on an emotional roller coaster.  She said she did not feel as connected to John.  And if she had felt the connection, John would have known that that probably wasn’t the best timing.  It wasn’t the best timing she said, because she was a victim of Identity Theft.   She said it was really rough  for her, because it was such an invasion of her privacy. 

Okay, so let me stop there!  Let me read between the lines for y’all a little bit on what Ashley is really to say, because if I was in Ashley shoes and I have been with someone for 6 years, the goal of us dating for this long should be marriage.  And yes it was an unfortunate event that happen to Ashley, I’m not saying identity theft is something to look over, but this man wanted to tell the world that he wants you to be his wife and he went through the trouble of getting Beyonce to share her stage to propose to you and you tell Essence, that if y’all would have had a connection during that time John would have known that wasn’t a great time to propose to you. 

Girl if you don’t get your life and get it all the way together.  You see this right here tells me, she didn’t want to be married and I’m sure John felt that she wasn’t 100% invested in the engagement once he proposed to this Queen, because of the way how she treated the proposal during the first 2 years of them being engaged.  I don’t count it strange, them being engaged for 2 years, but it is a little weird, being that money wasn’t an issue, maybe their work schedule was an issue as to why they didn’t get married within the first year of the proposal.    So here’s how I know for a fact that Ashely wasn’t too thrilled about the proposal. 

Ashley says after John proposed they had a beautiful engagement shoot. She says after the engagement she realized that she wasn’t the girl who dreamt of her wedding day and started thinking of the fact that she had to pick flowers, textures, and silverware.  There was all these choices I had to make and it was overwhelming says Ashely.  So, if it was overwhelming than she should have let her family and friends help or hire a wedding planner, or forget all of that and have a small justice of the peace wedding. I’m just saying.

She says,

We took the first year to enjoy the engagement and have fun with this new step in our relationship, then the next year rolled around and I went on tour.  I found myself making excuses for why I wasn’t planning more.  Eventually I had to look in the mirror and ask myself why do I really want to be married or do I even want to marry him, am I happy, do I need to work on me before I take this leap.  I was trying to understand that a little bit more, then of course with work and travel comes distance which means you have to work harder for communication. 

And my question is, isn’t this how it was before y’all got married.  Beyonce was still touring before the engagement.  They were actually on the on the run tour 2, I believe, so what’s the difference between your working schedule before you got engaged and after you got engaged.  To me it sounds like Ashley wasn’t ready to settle down y’all.  This queen was happy the way how things were in her life before John proposed.  Another thing, I would like to know is what hints did John have that Ashley was ready for marriage.  Did y’all have conversations about it, because she obviously is saying in this interview that she was not ready.  Hint, hint, she was not ready

She continues to say,

At this point John and I were 8 years in.  We were comfortable and used to each other.  We would go a day or two without talking, wait what…

and she says I felt like we weren’t on the same page anymore.  We had different goals and dreams as for as workwise and our friendship was kind of fading away.  We ultimately decided to take some space.  The space turned into a break, and the break turned into a breakup.  You either grow together or grow apart.  I don’t look back and feel that I wasted my time.  We had a great run while it lasted and I learned a lot.                                             

Hear me on this.  It didn’t work, because Ashely and John were living two separate lives.  After, 6 years of being with someone you know if you want to be with someone for a lifetime.  Ashely enjoyed dating her best friend, but did not see a future with her best friend.  She says,  when they meet she was 21.  She said they meet at a Ne-yo concert and they build their friendship up, before even becoming boyfriend and girlfriend.  She said they had so much in common.  Just like she danced, he danced too. People even said she was the boy version of him and he was the girl version of her.  She said we did hit it off at first and we were friends first.  That’s where the foundation came from.

Ashley was dating her friend, not a man who she saw becoming her husband.  In 6 years, I don’t believe they were together the entire time and if so, it gets lonely on the road being on tour so I’m sure she used him to her advantage. 

So, on that note thank you so much for watching this video, I really appreciate it.  Please make sure you subscribe to my channel I, thank you in advance and I will talk to you guys in the next video. Bye.

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