Love and Marriage Huntsville, the comeback group and their 47 acres

Love and Marriage Huntsville, the comeback group and their 47 acres
I wanted to put this video out for a couple of reasons one reason being to explain about the comeback group’s purpose in Huntsville, Alabama and for two to explain why the comeback group hasn’t been able to set out and accomplish what they intended from the beginning.

Last month I put a video out there about Marsau and Maurice’s brother, whose name is MarkScott, who went live on Instagram with Maurice’s son’s mother Kiwuah to exposesthe cast of Love and Marriage Huntsville, and from the video I really felt he exposed secrets and gave revelation about a lot of things that have been slowly but surely coming out about the couples on Love and Marriage Huntsville from the show.  

Especially, about Melody and Martell’s martial issues, I feel like he confirmed for me that Melody and Martell used their martial issues for a storyline on the show and I don’t think the storyline the Holts have out right now was suppose to be their originally storyline on the show.  

I believe originally it was suppose to show 3 couples
dedicated to helping their community while balancing everyday struggles of life and love, but the show has totally went in a different direction and the brother Mark also talked about this 47 acres of land, that has been a topic of conversation for the comeback group since they were first introduced to us last year.  

And a lot of people didn’t understand what secrets were exposed.  So I want to take you back and hopefully break everything down in detail to the best of my ability.

OWN: Love and Marriage Huntsville Marsau and Maurice's brother Mark Scott
Now in the video where the brother went live, he is stating that the beef between Melody and Latisha started, because of the 47 acres of land that Latisha’s husband Marsau found.  I don’t know if Latisha feels that, because Marsau found the land, that gives them the right to have more say into what is done with the land, but keep in mind that, Marsau did not purchase the land, but Marsau did find it.  

Melody and Martell are the ones that actually bought the 47 acres of land.  This 47 acres of land is what connects the couples to the comeback group.

Marsau and Maurice’s brother Mark is saying it’s 43 acres, but the Holts say 47 acres.  So, not sure if the brother got his numbers mixed up or if 43 is the actually number, but we are going to roll with what the Holts said and since they said 47 acres of land, then that is what we are rolling with. 

Now in a radio interview about a year ago, in 2019, Melody and Martell said they bought the 47 acres of land themselves.  They said no one else pitch in to help buy the land. 

Now as the last season of Love and Marriage Huntsville wrapped up, the land was still sitting there.  Nothing had came from it, it looks like it hadn’t been touched, because there’s still a mountain of dirt everywhere, And I believe the main reason why these couples can’t come together to get houses and business put on this land is, because they can not agree with one another.  Every time we turn around they are always having meetings trying to figure out if they can even keep the comeback group together.  But no one wants to leave the comeback group, because they see potential in the land and there has been a lot of time, money, and effort invested in the land. 

And I believe one of the main distractions in the comeback group, is Martell’s infidelity.  It sticks out like a sore thumb and it is the elephant in the room.  It has literally shook the foundation of this project and the couples in the comeback group.  If Melody and Martell don’t get it together, then how can Latisha and Marsau or Kimmie and Maurice move forward with the 47 acres of land.  They haven’t put any money in on the property, so there’s nothing they can do, if Melody and Martell don’t get their act together.  

And for those who may not understand what the comeback group is, it’s basically where the couples are coming together to revitalize poverty stricken parts of Alabama through real estate and business.  Each couple will bring their own expertise to the comeback group, because Melody and Martell can’t do it all by themselves.  And I’m not saying that the Holt’s need the other two couples to move forward with the vision, because they really can find anybody to do the job, but being that these people are all friends from college, which is almost their entire adulthood, it made sense to include their closest friends on this deal.  ( insert radio interview clip)

Now, as mentioned before Marsau was in charge of finding the land.  And he did.  He found the 47 acres of land in Huntsville.  But it was always said that originally, Meldoy and Martell Holt were going to buy whatever land that was found.  Melody said it was told to her and Martell that they would have to buy the land.  And they probably bought the land outright, because they were more financially stable than Latisha and Marsau and because Kimmie and Maurice were not married at the time, it probably made more sense for them not to invest at that particular time.  Which is just my speculation on things.  That it made more sense for Melody and Martell to purchase the property.  

Now, Melody said before they made this decision to buy the 47 acres of land, they would meet up to have discussions about purchasing land, that ultimately lead up for them to make a decision to purchase this 47 acres of land.  The meetings were lengthy, but when you have 6 different people giving their input, about how they are going to make this project work, then sometimes that’s just what it takes.  And just to give you an example, I’m sure the meetings were very similar to the way they would meet up on Love and Marriage Huntsville.    
OWN: Love and Marriage Huntsville Maurice ex wife Kiwuah and brother Mark Scott

And once, they decided on the 47 acres of land, the couples stop meeting together as much, and Melody said this was right around the time they were closing on the 47 acres of land.  She said during this time, she expected for all of them to be at closing together, but it was just her and Martell and one other person there, who she doesn’t mention who that was, but everyone knew they were about to close on the land and they should have been there.  The 47 acres of land was never meant to be only for Melody and Martell, it was a vision from the comeback group that involved all 6 people.

Now keep in mind while being part of the Comeback group these couples were friends, Melody says they all had the heart and ideal to do what they are trying to do now for the city of Huntsville.

Melody was always in charge of community relations like meeting with different people in the community that she could have an influence on to hopefully bring their business on board with the vision for the 47 acres of land and Martell her husband would work with establishing custom homes.

Marsau was put in charge of finding the land.  Which he did and is also a commercial general contractor and his wife Latisha is a commercial real estate developer.

Maurice has a credit repair company and his wife Kimmie is a real estate agent.

So, as you can see all these couples bought a level of expertise in certain areas to help with the vision of the 47 acres of land. 

Now the reason the 47 acres of land was so important for them to buy is, because they wanted to secure the land and own it, because it allows you to control what comes on the land. Which makes a whole lot of sense.  And plus Huntsville is growing.  The comeback group wanted to have an early start on developing homes and businesses there, before the market becomes flooded with other people.

Another point I want to make is Melody and Martell are executive producers of Love and Marriage Huntsville.  Latisha and her husband Marsau and Kimmie and her husband Maurice are actually friends of the show.  When they pitched this show to Carolos King, Melody and Martell pitched themselves and then Carlos asked is they knew other people, and in total 4 couples were interviewed to be on the show, but Latisha and her husband Marsau and Kimmie and her husband Maurice made the most sense to go with and Carlos probably did it that way, because they were family.   

Now, 5 years ago before Love and Marriage Huntsville first aired, Melody and Martell pitched this show concept to Carlos King.  He always loved the ideal that the Holts pitched to him and even offered them a casting position for Melody to be a house wife.  But around that time too, Martell was messing around with his Mistress. 

When Melody found out, she didn’t want to continue on with the show.  She went to the producers, told them what was happening and that her and Martell were getting a divorce, because of Martell stepping outside of the marriage on Melody.  The producers wanted them to stay together and fake it if they had to and to continue on with the show.  Theses are words out Martell’s mistress mouth herself and Maurice and Marsau brother’s mouth, whose name is Mark too. 

The brother Mark also says that Melody and Martell plotted their storyline and now they are gunning for Latisha and Marsau, but he says, Latisha and Marsau don’t have drama like that.  So, they will try to use anything to dog the couple out. 

So, it’s foolish what we are seeing on television y’all.  Just pure foolishness. 

At the end of the day I don’t believe these two

Melody and Martell are real.  Meldoy can’t even answer real questions like this one from one of her fans it says:

I know with all you have on your plate this is a lot to ask, but can you PLEASE let us know when you’re having your next Mimosa with Mel event.  I recently experiences some hardships in my marriage and I’m struggling with depression on a daily basis, because of it.  We’re still married, living under the same roof, but we’re not on the same page.  I know myself and tons of other women could use empowerment movement that uplifts women and wives.  Peace and Blessings to you your beautiful family!

In all honesty if you’re in a relationship, we all go through things and instead of Melody and Martell using their marriage as clout chasers, they should be going live to help married folks for real for real.  I look on Melody and Martell’s page all the time and they are blinded by the number of people who reach out to them for help, because they are so self filled.  Out here trying to sell books about being an entrepreneur, but nickling and diming your marriage on television for a check as well. 

And I don’t mean to go off on these folks but it’s all too much.  I need for people to wake up and smell the fogers, because this is not couple goals.  This is not a power couple. 

In this post they used one of my hashtags that I like to use here on everyday husband quotes by saying that marriage still works.  Melody posted this and said, so thankful for our social media family and supporters.  As we move towards, positivity only, getting back to the Holts that fell in love over 13 years ago, may God’s love shine on us, through us, and towards those who 0need it most.  In the words of my hubby @ martell Holt 2020 is epic, Periodt.  Hashtag marriage still works. 

Lol, Hmmm, makes me wonder if they watch the channel honey.

But let me know what you all think about all of this.  Thank you guys for watching and I will talk to you in the next video bye. 

Love and Marriage Huntsville The Comeback group

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