Trick Daddy DUI affects new morning radio show w/Trina album money stole scammed by business partner

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Okay, okay since Trina still talking about her former manager Juillian and this $300,00 and her album still ain’t on Itunes, fine we gone talk about it. 

And while we at it let’s talk about Trick Daddy’s DUI Incident and how this may affect his job.  And no I’m not talking about Love and Hip Hop Miami honey, but his job as a morning radio host on 99 Jamz Miami, that him and Trina are trying as a new business venture, and then we gone briefly and when I say briefly talk about how the supposedly beef started between Trina and Khia. Honey if you blink too fast you’ll miss the tea on that story, because it’s just that silly… And that Khia also put a statement out about Trina sacrificing her own mother for FAME.  Which that comment is outrageous on so many levels. 

So, yes, a lot to talk about I hope you guys are ready to sip tea and talk about it in the comments section of this video.

Now while Trina was mourning her mom, she is claiming that her long time business partner of 20 years Julian Boothe scammed and stole money meant for her album, The One. Her album, The One was taken off of streaming services like Itunes and Spotify, because Julian her business partner was given an advance of $300,000 and he used it for his label, which was suppose to be for Trina.  Now all of a sudden Trina is getting cease and desist letters from producers that were never paid and the whole album was taken down off the internet. 

Now, Julian Boothe’s team did respond by saying, Jullian Boothe has had the pleasure and opportunity to work with Trina since the beginning of her career.  He will always consider her to be family regardless of any perceived conflict.  While Jullian is contractually prohibited from discussing specifics regarding this matter, he maintains the view that everyone should continue to watch these events unfold and that the truth will come to light in the near future.  He has always abided by his contracts and agreements with his clients, and has their best interests and growth at heart. 

So, let me play a clip of Monday night’s episode about what exactly was said, which I assume is suppose to be the truth coming out about this whole $300,00 and Trina having to pull her album off of streaming websites..…(insert clip)

Now, Katrina Laverne Taylor also known to us as Trina Rock Starr, the Diamond Princess opens up to us all on Episode 1 Season 3 of Love and Hip Hop Miami about the passing of her mother.

As most of us know her mother Varnessa Taylor or to friends and family she was known just as Nessa, passed away last year in September of 2019 and y’all this has been a tough journey for your girl Trina ( insert some clips)

But she goes on to tell Angie from The Angie Martinez show that the way she was raised by her mother drove her determination and work ethic as a female rap legend.

( insert video from Angie Martinez)

Trina speaks about her business partner Julian and says I can’t believe after so many years, somebody could be so triflin.  Trina also accused Julian of taking advantage of her while she was dealing with personal issues involving her mother’s health, which was deteriorating.  She says physically I was there, mentally I wasn’t there.  I wasn’t double checking everything Julian was doing.  Even after my mother’s death, Julian hasn’t even reached out me to send his condolences.  Whew chile, that’s too much!!

So, let’s move on and get into Trick Daddy’s behind real quick and then we gone come back to the Trina and Khia beef,

So on Saturday January 11, 2020, Trick Daddy was arrested for a DUI.  And y’all the people are saying it ain’t looking good for him and his new job adventure.  Honey Trick than messed up.  The people down at the radio morning show station, hadn’t had Trick on the air since that incident, back on January 11. 

Now, Trick and Trina just signed this deal, keep that in mind, with the morning talk show on the station 99 Jamz which is a radio station based in Miami, Florida.

They are trying to bank on the TNT name, which remember that’s what they called themselves TNT,

and honey the show ain’t even  a month old and Trick’s job is possibly already in jeopardy, because of this DUI. 

It’s been an entire week and

 Just like this fan is asking, we all want to know when is Trick Daddy returning to morning radio or will he actually be fired.

So, let’s rewind back a little bit to the detail of the DUI… January 11, reports are saying Trick Daddy was pulled over around 3:20am in Miami.  He was pulled over, because and y’all listen to this, because this is really sad, but he was pulled over, because people had called into the police station to report that they saw a driver hitting signs and running red lights in a dark colored Range Rover and here is a video of the allege Range Rover and the report said they spotted Trick Daddy in the area of Southwest 128th Avenue and 42nd Street in Miami.  Thank goodness nobody was hurt.  What was he thinking.

The police smelled alcohol on his breath and he failed a sobriety test.  He was arrested and taken to Hammocks District Station on 142nd Avenue.  While there police found cocaine inside a dollar bill while Trick Daddy was putting his possessions in a plastic bag. 

His bond was set at $5,000 on the cocaine possession charge and $1,000 on the driving under the influence charge and he was later released. 

Now, even though Trick hasn’t lost his job yet, they did respond by saying, we were recently made aware of an incident involving Trick Daddy.  As a matter of policy we do not comment on personal matters of our employees.  But since that incident has happened Trick has not appeared on the morning show, neither has there been word about his return.  As you can see Trina completed a couple of celebrity interviews with her other co workers.  And Trick is definitely out of jail, because he was seen photo and video with Snoop Dogg. 

And as far Trina is concerned, she has yet to release any statement about this whole incident. 

One last thing I want to talk about is Trina and my neck my back lyricist Khia’s beef. (insert video)

So, pretty much that’s the story behind the beef between Trina and Khia.  Now after the passing of Trina’s mom, Khia made a pretty harsh statement about Trina’s mom.   It was very rude, hateful, and really unnecessary and not called for what Khia said about Trina’s mom. 

Khia release a video right after Trina’s mom passing by saying that Trina sacrifice her own mother for FAME.  Wow, that’s a lot and team too much.  I hope Trina doesn’t accept the words that Khia is trying to speak in her life. It’s just a level of disrespect that should have never been crossed.

If you guys would like to watch that video, then I will leave a link in the description box and I will pin it in the comment section. 

So, let me know what y’all think about this video.

Thanks for watching and I will talk to you guys in the next video bye. 

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