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Married to Medicine Dr Simone and Toya Harris goes live [video inside] to talk about how Quad should not return to Married to Medicine Season 8, she doesn't talk about her mess and more on the contracts

Honeyyyy, some of the cast members from Married 2 Medicine Atlanta #m2matl, Toya and her husband Dr. Eugene, Dr. Simone and her husband Cecil went live on their Instagram to talk about contracts, who is getting fired, they talked about Quad not having a job on Sister Circle and possibly on Married 2 Medicine too. 

The live was more messy than really tea being spill, but I love the live, because it gave true tea about how they feel it is unfair, that Quad doesn’t share as much as her personal stuff on the show, like her other castmates do. 

The live was 2 hours long y’all hence, why this video is long, but it could have been longer,

As always before I play this live, thank you guys for watching and I will talk to you in the next video.  Bye.

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