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Married to Medicine LA Jazmine Johnson says her husband referred her on the show, stop judging him

Jazmine Johnson Married to Medicine LA, says her husband got her a job on Married to Medicine LA Hey Hey guys and welcome welcome back to the channel Joe Bazile’s channel here on YouTube and I hope I’m pronouncing that right interviewed Jazmine Johnson from Married to Medicine L.A. A lot of people judges Jazmine’s husband from the drug dealer comment Dr. Imani made from Season one. And also Jazmine’s husband is the only husband that hasn’t shown his face on the show so far. So, Jazmine does receive a lot of backlash from that, but in this interview she clears up the rumors about why her husband isn’t on the show. First, listen to what Dr. Imani Walker told Dr. Heavenly Kimes and Lia Dias about Jazmine’s husband and then I’ll come back to tell you what Jazmine says about her own husband. Joel Brazile, asked Jazmine so did you tell production that certain things were off limits. Jazmine says no, other than my husband not wanting to part of it, that was the only thing that was off limits, everything else was free game. So, if Jazmine is telling the truth in this interview, I can understand why she feels like the ladies on the show always have her name in their mouths like she says, but it’s also unfair, because these ladies don’t know the back story of why Jazmine husband is not on the show. Jazmine Johnson and Shanique Drummond's friendship gets a lot of criticism. Jazmine Johnson says as a grown woman she doesn’t call anybody her bestie, but we are down for one another, she has my loyalty. We meet on the show. There was a process to filming so we had to film a sizzle realm before filming season one and that’s when I was actually pregnant. So during that time between filming the sizzle realm and the actually production of season one we would link up, hang out, she came to my baby shower, G’s birthday. We just enjoyed each other’s company and I would kick it with Shanqiue, because she was cool. It didn’t seemed forced. When comparing the new ladies on the show, she says she doesn’t care for Lia Dias, but here is what she said about Dr. Kendra Segura Dr. Kendra Segura the newbie is another lady from the show I can hang out with. She’s a mom, a doctor, a wife, and she’s a fun time. Like she knows how to laugh, she doesn’t take herself seriously. She’s not trying to fill a role, she’s not judging me, she respects me, there are certain layers to people I need to see and those were some of those with her. But you don’t have to be like me, we don’t have to be the same, but what you need to do is respect that I’m an individual and I can hold my own, just like you can hold your own, you don’t have to have an preconceive notions , when you don’t even have anything to base that off of. I felt like even from the jump Dr. Kendra Segura was respectful. Our relationship isn’t awkward. How did you get involved with Married to Medicine? I guess there’s recruiters that look for people that are suitable for a show, the recruiter for this show message my husband on Facebook. And was like are you guys interested in doing this and my husband didn’t respond he just screen shot me and was like if you’re interested you can do this, but I don’t want to do this. It was actually doing a time, where I was going through a lot of transition. I was pregnant with G and my grandmother who passed away at 102, had just passed away the week before. It was just a transitional period. So, I had just said I would never do reality. He and I both said that to each other, but when the opportunity presented itself, I took it… I’m just real big on feeling out the energy and it just kind felt like maybe this is the vibe right now, maybe this is what I’m supposed to be doing, so I did it. Jazmine Johnson said season one was hard for her, because she felt like the show boxed her into this person, that just suddenly on season 2 became a business person, but that was never the case. I’ve been a boss since before I was filming and they did not show my business last season. I have the Hollywood Villa property, I’ve always had my concierge, and I’ve always had my online women’s boutique. Production filmed some of that in season one, but they didn’t show it. #m2mla #EDHQ #YesMarriageStillWorks

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