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Cynthia Bailey calls Kenya a disrespectful friend [video inside] after Kenya's shady comments on Bailey Wine Cellar

So, starting with Cynthia and Kenya.  It didn’t seem very apparent this season that Cynthia and Kenya had any beef going on. 

But according to Cynthia there was way more going on with her and Kenya than the RHOA camera’s actually showed.

Cynthia in this interview talked about her most shady moments on the show with Kenya this season. 

She says Kenya went to far when she threw shade toward the Bailey wine Cellar on their girls trip to Greece.

But before the trip to Greece they fell out about the incident with the cookie lady.

Cynthia recalls that she didn’t film with Kenya for a few weeks, because she was disappointed with Kenya behind the cookie lady incident. 

It pissed off, to where they had a heated argument and fell out. 

But it upset her, because in that particular scene she was upset that Kenya had really bought the cookie lady and Cynthia says she didn’t know anything about that.

The RHOA camera’s were there, but did not show that part about her and Kenya arguing and falling out.

Cynthia says, Tanya knew everything regarding the situation and she was never blind sighted by me in any way. 

But I was disappointed that Tanya didn’t go on her own public platforms to make that public information on how the scene really went down. 

Cynthia then speaks on the shade Kenya threw at Marlo’s hair launch party and says that was fun shade.

She compares the shade to Marlo’s launch party to the shade being thrown on The Baily Wine Celler and says it was not fun shade when Kenya quizzed her about wine on the Greece trip.

More so, she felt like Kenya was disrespectful then throwing fun shade.

Cynthia continues to say, Kenya planned the whole Greece trip to help promote the Baily Wine Celler. 

Yes the trip to Greece was Kenya and Kandi’s trip.  They both have businesses of their own and products that they would love to promote.

So, they didn’t really have a reason to talk about wine in Greece.

But my friend Kenya, Cynthia says told me I’m going to make sure we go to a winery in Greece and make sure we do all these things to promote your business, because she is very supportive of my business. 

And when we were having lunch in Greece and she started quizzing me, I’m still in the mindset of cool, it’s not even my trip.  If it was my trip of course we would be at all the winery and vineyards for sure in Greece. 

So, when Kenya was quizzing me on wine l thought it was fun shade and I was fine with all of that. 

But the conversation went on too long and it went on to the point where I felt like it wasn’t cool. 

Kenya never came back to the group to recover from all the shade thrown at me, to say like Cynthia is my girl, I’m just giving her a hard time because that’s what we do and it is what it is, her place is great, she has great wine….Cynthia says none of that never happened.

And that’s where it was wrong and where she had the issue. 

Cynthia says she opens up a business every year on the show.  And girls throw shade all the time and she is fine with it.

But the girls who are her friends on the show need to have respect and you have to make that part clear to go along with the joke, otherwise it comes off as disrespectful. 

When it comes to Kenya’s haircare line, Cynthia says, I would throw fun shade, but there’s no way I would do that and then not ended it with something like you know real talk, she has a great product, you guys need to go and support, that’s just how you do it and then move on. 

Now, moving on to Nene’s birthday post to Kandi on her birthday, it says,

I will not let the fake beef you made up to stop me from wishing you a Happy Birthday and posting my favorite pic of us Kandi.

Everybody go wish Kandi a Happy Birthday! 

Then tune in to RHOA to watch Kandi have the fakest want some smoke, beef with Nene segment at 8. 

Lol, how do y’all feel about the beef between these two. 

At this point in the show, I am team Nene, just to put that out there. 

So, when it comes to Nene walking off set, Cynthia says,

They were at work, so from a professionally stand point, the longer everybody stays in their seat and tries to contribute and really engage in the show, the more episodes we are going to get and the more episodes we get, the more money we get.  So, Nene walking out, probably cost them an episode, because she wasn’t there the whole time that Yovanna came.

And that was Nene’s opportunity to clear her name. 

And for them to talk.

And when Nene left, they didn’t stop and wait for her to come back, they kept going, they kept filming. 

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