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Melody responds to Arionne [video inside] writing a book to expose her relationship with Martell + Kevin Hart and wife Eniko do a gender reveal

Love and Marriage’s Huntsville star Melody S Holt has responded to Arionne, her husband’s Martell ex mistress.

Melody is asked, How do you feel about your husband ex mistress writing a book about their relationship? 

She responds by saying, I’m not concerned about people writing books.  I’m signing checks and making deals only.  I wrote two books a long time ago.  For me it’s about hashtag what’s next. 

I want y’all to know that Arionne says her book is completed, but is now having some hesitation about putting the book out.

For the past 3 months Arionne has said that she was going to put a tell all book out about Holts, specifically about her relationship with Martell Holt.

Now let’s go back a little, because Arionne was once upon a time excited about her book. 

Oh honey, she couldn’t wait for it come out.

But right now, Sis is having second thoughts and experiencing hestation on her end about this book.,

Like I said over the past 3 month she has made it a point to answer questions on her social media account.

So, let’s go back to see exactly what she had to say.

Arionne was asked Will you like ever tell your side?

And she says yes, I’m writing a book actually I’m almost finished.  Who would have thought a little Arionne from Dayton Ohio.  And before y’all start talking smack, let’s remember you wouldn’t know me if it wasn’t for them needed a storyline. 

She was also told, you are gorgeous and you didn’t deserve any of the BS that came your way!

She says, thank you boo, if y’all only knew but y’all will know everything literally my book starts at day one.

So, now y’all understand why it’s strange that she is not putting the book out. Because on her IG lives that’s all she talks about.  When asked questions about her relationship with Martell, she always refers back to the book, when asked about why she didn’t stop seeing Martell once she found out he was married, she again tells us it will be in the book. 

Like I’m looking at her sideways and asking Sis what really happened, And what’s going on. 


On May 9 someone asked Arionne, are you still writing your book.

She replied and said the book is completed!  After I read it I thought to myself do I really care about y’all knowing apart of my life that’s so personal.  I want to inspire other women, but this one might be too dang deep for public.  Sorry guys still unsure on a release date. 

Back in February of this year a question was posed have you and Melody every crossed paths?  If so, what happened?

She says, Yes the first time she was chasing behind his truck screaming get her out of the car Martell in that voice and he gone say go home Mel he’s never respected her.  That story is in my book has real juicy details behind it and I spill it all I don’t hold back.

When asked, were you in love or was it just fun?

She says, I open up about this.  Why I stayed so long.  What he was telling me, what he was buying me, vacations, dinners, movies, shopping, fights arguments, hiking, heck anything normal people do in a relationship.  It’s unfortunate this is how it has to be played out, but I also didn’t choose this.

She also says that will address the question Is Marsau cheating on Tisha by saying I address everything in the book. 

Whew chile, that was a lot that she was suppose to addressing in this tell all book. 

I don’t know about y’all but I am still looking forward to it. 

She does have a clothing line that she is trying to advertise as well and I say make your money

Now, let’s talk about the Harts.

Mother’s Day was just Sunday and Ice cream Convos dot com revealed Kevin Hart and his beautiful wife Eniko celebrated Mother’s Day by announcing they are expecting a baby girl. 

This is their second child together.  But Kevin’s fourth child altogether. 

And even the rock made this funny post under their picture by saying Family of 7.  Don’t act like I ain’t your daddy.  Happy Mamas Day Niko. 

Let me know what you guys think about Arionne putting out her book and Melody’s clap back. 

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