Rumors of Melody and Martell Holt getting a divorce, is Sis okay [video inside]

Melody is seen in this Tik Tok without her wedding ring.

All of Martell’s pictures are deleted from her Instagram account.

And fans believe Mel performing to Megan Thee Stallion Savage challenge is a message about her being single.

Now Sis was bad, don’t get me wrong…But if you notice, anytime the Holts have something going on, they put on a show, to draw the people in.

And I don’t know about y’all, but I do feel they do all that to keep the people checking for them.

And this Tik Tok video was no different.

In the blogs Melody and Martell have been trending, because Martell asked for a divorce.

Melody left the house with my kids, because I told her I wanted a divorce.

He goes on to say, she blocked me from calling or texting my children.

Her mom Vanessa Tracy blocked me as well.

He says I wasn’t in these streets, I was in my house.

She is too busy listening to y’all on Facebook and IG, allowing her not to properly get over our issues that occurred months ago.

Wow, he didn’t say a year ago, he said months ago. Sounds like from this post he was still creeping months ago.

The show wrapped up season 1 just months ago. And he has the nerve to be the one asking for a divorce. Chillle, ain’t nobody about to play with Martell.

Now Melody hasn’t publicly responded to what Martell has said, but here is what she did say

Now April 22, at The Carlos King tweeted M2M’s Dr. Heavenly and said, I’m gone need you to review Love & Marriage Huntsville when our new season debuts.

And Dr. Heavenly replied back with I GOT YOU!

So, Dr. Heavenly has a Youtube channel and she invites people on her show called Heaven help us.

So Carlos King’s tweet to Dr. Heavenly was to pretty much ask Dr. Heavenly to review Love and Marriage Huntsville on her show.

Now, this tweet didn’t include any cast names in particular.

It didn’t include any of the ladies names, but I am assuming they went with Melody, because Melody is the heavy hitter on the show, she has the biggest storyline, the most drama, and maybe Carlos thought she was the best choice to be interviewed by Dr. Heavenly.

So, in this interview with Dr. Heavenly, Melody talked about the infidelity in her marriage and Dr. Heavenly ask her why did she stay.

I will say this is a common question I see in the comments a lot.

The part that stuck out to me the most is when Dr. Heavenly ask Melody… if she would have cheated on Martell do you think he would have stayed with her and Melody says no.

I totally agree with that statement y’all. I think a lot of women can relate.

Dr. Heavenly had Tammi on her show from Basketball Wives and she said the same, thing, that she doesn’t believe a man would stay if their wife or significant other cheated on them.

I don’t want to go too deep in that conversation, but let me know how y’all feel about that statement.

So switching gears a little, let’s talk about at the Carlos King.

On the show with Dr. Heavenly he put on his producer hat, to let us know how he runs things behind the scenes.

He encourage Melody to tell her story about the infidelity in her marriage.

Because if she wouldn’t have, somebody else would.

I respect that about Carlos.

But here is the reason why he said he does it this way, He said,

I have integrity, I am a straight shooter, and my goal is not for other people to look bad, because I have nothing to gain from it.

My goal is to be honest and to tell the truth.

Now, Melody and Martell’s marriage can be quite confusing at times.

One moment they are together and the next they are in the blogs about their separation.

In this interview with Dr. Heavenly, Melody played her part, so much so that Dr. Heavenly was impressed with Melody and Melody fans are actually encourage her to fake til you make it.

If you can recall at the beginning of the year…2020, Martell and Melody pulled a publicity stunt.

Remember they pulled that stunt about Martell having to get some things off his chest, but it turns out, they were introducing their new baby to the world.

And just 2 months ago, Melody did an interview with a radio station to say that…

Martell was not cheating when we pitched the show to OWN.

All the infidelity and the drama with the comeback group was not going on.

I thought Martell were over the cheating thing, because we were on good terms, but it just so happened when the cameras got there the cheating happened and I’m not the type to filter or hide my emotions. So, when the camera’s got there you got my realness, because the cheating had just resurfaced.

So, what do you guys think about all of this, are the rumors true, will Melody and Martell divorce and is Sis really okay…

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