Tammy Rivera learns to stop bashing her husband Waka Flocka for his past mistakes

Tammy Rivera learns to stop bashing her husband Waka Flocka for his past mistakes

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Remember when Tammy and Waka Flocka were on Marriage Bootcamp the Hip Hop Edition.

For some reason I couldn’t understand why Tammy was angry. I expected for Waka to be apologetic for his past infidelity, but that really wasn’t the case, that wasn’t the issue in their marriage at the time on the show.

The problem was how Tammy talked to Waka, which came across as aggressive and angry. Her aggressive behavior even showed up on their new show this season What the Flockas on WETV.

Now Tammy takes the time to explains a little bit of her back story about why she’s so angry.

She says, I didn’t understand what was really going on when I was going through it. Me personal I didn’t look at things like oh, I’m in an abusive relationship. I just lived life and went through it.

The more I got older, I realize this is not what I want to do anymore. It’s time for me to get up out of here. I didn’t realize how much that part of my life would effect my today life and it took for my husband to show me, like yo every time I say something to you, you’re very defensive.

Like if I have this guard up right now, I’m like Ninja who you talking to, it’s always like I have to be on go mode or I’m always extra hard, like I can’t allow myself to slip back to that person that allowed all of that before. And you just have to understand even when someone is physically abusing you, it mentally messes you up.

Even when I first met my husband and we would get into arguments sometimes he would stand up and I would kinda like jump, he would stop the argument and be like yo, why are you jumping, I will never ever hurt you.

Me flinching Un be knowing to myself, I’m not even knowing/not even realizing I’m doing that.

At the beginning of what the Flockas they did show a lot of turmoil, a lot of craziness, some of it when you edit it, can make things way more dramatic than they actually are.

Yes I am an aggressive person, I’m not going to front. I’m not going to act like I’m a timid girl and I do nothing. I’m very aggressive, especially when I’m passionate about something.

With my husband, we have our relationship where we laugh, we joke, we play, and we’re like best friends, we’re like brother and sister, which is weird, we’re like husband and wife at the same time. So, I can be aggressive, but my husband knows that.

And I’m going to pause right there to say,

I didn’t realize the extent of her previously relationship and how much it took a toll on her.

She bought her baggage from the previous relationship, into the new relationship. This doesn’t excuse her behavior, but it definitely helps to understand why she’s aggressive at times.

Tammy says, Waka comes from an aggressive mother, me being soft, he would be like why you talking like that, but if I’m aggressive or calling him a ninja, he says you’re too aggressive Tammy, but listen it just works for us.

But I really don’t care about how the show shows that, because at the end of the day nobody is perfect.

I bring my own money to the table, I employ my own people, I take care of my own family, and I give back a lot. So my husband respects that and he loves that.

So people see what they want. My life is out of order, my child is out of order sometimes, my husband is out of order sometimes, sometimes I’m out of order, but guess what we still get it done and we still give back.

On our show what the Flocka you’re going to see when it’s out order and when it’s put together.

I am a down to earth girl who loves my family. I’ve always been a hustler.

I see a lot of comments where people are like oh, she's stupid for staying with Waka, because of my husband’s past situations

Any person who know me, know I have never been that girl. Ever!! Trust me, my husband don’t even like a weak woman. He wouldn’t even married me if I was a weak one. And that’s just being real.

And a lot of people be like if it’s wasn’t for Waka, the world wouldn’t know me and yes that’s right, but my success isn’t, because of my husband, my success is because of my drive and what I put into myself.

If it wasn’t for him giving me the platform to do Love and Hip Hop, the world wouldn’t know me, but if it wasn’t for me building my platform, than the world wouldn’t know Tammy. I could just be Waka Flocka’s wife. So give me my roses while I’m here. And put some respect on my name.

Tammy continues to say her husband fought for the marriage first after the infidelity happened. When we went through all of this turmoil throughout our relationship and the stuff you see on tv the first thing people want to say is oh he cheated.

And yes that’s a deal breaker absolutely, but that wasn’t the hardest part for me.

We were going through things spiritually, that people can’t even imagine. When we separated, I was at a point like I’m done there’s nothing else I can do with this. I love this man to death and I will pray for him, whatever the case may be, but I just can’t be here for myself

And he eventually got himself together and he fought hard for his family and he changed.

And if a person is changing and their fighting and you love them, why give up on them.

It is easier to walk away. You only know what we show and what’s out there. There’s no excuse for cheating, betrayal, infidelity, but hurt people hurt people period. And they don’t do it intentionally.

My husband was going through a lot in his life, but without going deep into it, because that’s his story, his testimony, that’s not mines to tell.

Even if we weren’t together right now, I would still be part of his life, because God put us together for a reason. It wasn’t about me, like I said it’s such a spiritually battle some people wouldn’t be able to understand it on the level I want to explain it.

But I did get a lot turmoil for taking my husband back. I guess it would have been easier to jump to the next rapper, people would be more happier to see me with another basketball player and I guess that’s what they wanted, but that’s not how I’m built, that’s not how I’m breaded, that’s not who I am.

I love that man to death and I know for a fact there’s not nothing he wouldn’t do for me or for my daughter. Yes, he’s made his mistakes, but he’s been working every since to correct those mistakes, and I’m not going to keep bashing him and putting him down. I’m still going to hold him to the highest standards every.

Before I wrap up this video at the end of the day everybody’s marriage is different. We’re all striving to have a successful marriage. It takes much effort, lots of love and forgiveness and patience. Their marriage woes were magnified, because they are celebrities. Things like this go on all the time, but being that Waka made an effort to do better, some people still can’t see the good in that.

As always thank you for watching, I really appreciate it, let’s talk about it in the comment section and I will talk to you guys in the next video. 

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