Prayer for Husband's Work Safety

Today I will be praying for my husband's work safety.

Dear Lord,
My husband is working.  His is out there trying to make a way to help provide for his family.  He is working long hours and working through the night.  It's hard, because I want him to be here with me, but at the same time I need him out there working.  

Expand his mind to make his job easier and less stressful.  Allow your light to shine in him, so that others may see it outwardly.  Help him in all circumstances.  Be with everything he touches and with every conversation he has today.  I pray that you are always a God in the midst of his work place and that your presence is welcomed.  

To ease my mind, free my thoughts sweet Jesus. Give me an inner peace.  I know in the natural, all these things I am asking  for seems impossible, but I also know I serve a God who can make the impossible....possible.  

Be with him in all circumstances...dangers seen and unseen.  

Send the Angels to camp around every environment that my husband may find himself in.  Stay connected to him no matter what Lord.  I need you to protect him, I need for him to come back home to me, I need you Lord...Oh how I need you Father.  My precious cargo...Thank you Lord for hearing my prayers.  Thank you for answering them. 

In Jesus name

Praying is powerful.  Sometimes we underestimate the power of it.  I challenge you to pray for your husband everyday.  Pray for you marriage.  Pray for longevity and good health.  

The reason I wanted to share this prayer with you today is, because my husband works in a dangerous career.  Yes, the money is good and he enjoys what he does very well.  I believe by me praying everyday for his work place safety that it prepare his day for whatever challenges may come his way.  Just like we prepare for bed or prepare our children to go to school, we have to use prayer as a preparation for what may come.  I truly believe the word of God when it says the enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy.  He prowls
around like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.  

Prayer is my weapon. My husband does not share with me what goes on at work.  He tells me I wouldn't be able to handle some of the things they work on to get the job done.  However, God is always showing me visions of what it's like out there where my husband works, so he doesn't have to share.  Use this as a starter prayer to help you.  I promise you God will give you the right things to say as you begin to open your heart.  As a matter of fact he already knows, He's just waiting to hear from you.

~With Love
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Marriage can feel like the wind. Sometimes you can't see it, but you can definitely feel it. 

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