Relationship Goals: Grateful Wife Journal

his tenacity, strength, his incredible talents. I will always be
grateful for him
Life is busy.
Recently I had these overpowering of emotions about everything in my life.
So, I told myself I am going to slow things down in my life and focus.
I'm not going to stress about most things and go with the flow.

A week went by...
I stayed in that mood of going with the flow and to be honest with you I felt really sad.  Like there was a part of me that was missing.  The part that was silly, the part that loves to laugh, and the one to say the first thing that comes to her mind was gone.

Well on the 8th day of going through the emotions, I started to feel really better.
I felt light hearted and like the weight of my busy life was starting to drop off of me.
My atmosphere felt very light.
I felt humble by what God had revealed to me in those 7 days, but I also felt grateful.
I mean who am I to be graced with this renewed energy.

So, in my 7 days and let me just say I didn't plan on it being 7 days, but that's just how amazing God is (7 days is a sign of completition).
I was able to hear clearly on that 8th day.

So, I was researching some quotes and ran into a subject entitled Oprah's Journal.  I've previously read about Oprah and her thoughts on journaling and I have even heard her say from time to time in interviews about how she feels about journaling.  Well, while researching Google, I found an article written by Oprah that I once read about her journaling experiences.  It was the same article I had read some months ago entitled Gratitude Journal.

Some things I took away from it:
Life gets busy.
Work, marriage, and my extra activities I do for Everyday Husband Quotes started to overwhelm me.
A lot of the things I valued or maybe was grateful for started slipping away, because my mind was always busy, that I never had time to focus on the things I was grateful for.
I felt I was stretched in so many different directions.

The busyness took away my joy.
Being busy didn't create a life of happiness.
With so many blessings and opportunities that were over flowing in my life, I should have been in a very happy place.

Oprah says in 1996, she journaled everyday, but as life became busy her journal entries became less and less.  Back in 1996, gratitude was a priority, she went through the day looking for things to be grateful for and something always showed up.

I love it when Oprah says:
in the process of building a television network,
I got so focus on the difficulty of the climb that I lost sight of being grateful
for simply having a mountain to climb.
Only when I began feeling gratitude for the opportunity 
to serve a new audience in a new way did a shift happen.
Viewers start saying the most amazing things.
Things that aligned exactly with my vision of what OWN can be.

In those 7 days, my life didn't slow down at all.
It was still busy.  
But I am now more aware of controlling my emotions, my time, my mind, to not over process all the thoughts in my head, to take a few extra moments and appreciate my husband's tone of voice and love more of his flaws.

Husband Quote:  Our marriage isn't perfect, but I know we are blessed

Here is what I journaled about for 7 days in my Grateful Wife Journal:
Day 1
The cashier at Guitar Center went above and beyond.  My husband fixed me dinner tonight, which is very rare. 

Day 2
I started off a little sick today, but I pushed and press and my day got better.  
I'm thankful for the 5 minutes my husband and I shared over coffee this morning.  It was 6:20am, but it was a great conversation.

Day 3
It's Valentine's Day.  Thankful for the hour long conversation with my husband and after working a full day to be able to come home, cook, clean the kitchen, help my 8 year old with homework and to be able to attend Wednesday night bible study seemed impossible, but it got done.  
Day 4
I was off and my husband said he wanted to fix me a cup of coffee from our Keruig.  Well, he was just climbing out of bed right before I took the kids to the bus stop.  He said he had to get to work early.  I expected when I returned home from taking them to the bus stop for him to be gone.  Instead, I opened the door and his is standing at the Keruig trying to figure out why it's not working.  Not even 5 minutes later it starts working, but in that moment we enjoyed a 5 minute conversation, which is very rare during the week.  So, I'm grateful for God allowing for that moment to happen.

Day 5
I was feeling a little weary at work and my husband called me out of the blue.  It was like he knew in some way.
Day 6
I was working over the weekend and I asked my husband for a television in the bathroom.  Well, for Christmas he delivered.  So, late Saturday I was working in the bathroom and I begin to just feel encouraged and thankful.

Day 7
Thankful for a piece of mind.  My husband delighted me with that.


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