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Judge Faith Married to Kenny Lattimore, some people don’t just marry for the money

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Now I don’t how Kenny Lattimore and Judge Faith Jenkins kept their relationship a secret and now that it is about to be official, they want to vocalize it on social media, but Congrats are in order to Judge Faith Jenkins and R&B singer slash Gospel singer Kenny Lattimore. 

And if you are an R&B fan from the late 90s like around 1996 or 1997, than you know that Kenny Lattimore was a big R&B singer. He wasn’t a big star, because of his outward appearance, but moreso he was a big star, because of his music.  He has a beautiful voice, a unique sound, it’s really like an angel singing.   He sung songs about love.  The lyrics in the love songs were dedicated to women, like you could get married to his music, it’s just that sweet. 

And I want to get into that a little later, because many of you don’t know that Kenny Lattimore is a Gospel singer too and he has a strong background in it.

This will also explain to some people who say he acts a little sweet, meaning he acts kind of gay.  But some men are just gentle in nature.  That shouldn’t cause anyone to think they are soft and degrade them as a man, but some women do that. And I put it on women, because I don’t think men are like that.  Men are more evident type.  Like they have to see it to believe it. 

To me, there is no strong evidence to prove this man may be like that. Kenny said in an interview, that he didn’t view himself as the most handsome when he was growing up.

When he started his career in the music industry people tried to make him more sexual than he wanted to be and he was even told to be like R.Kelly and offer sexiest lyrics and also dress the part to be more sexually, but y’all Kenny didn’t see himself like that, so how could he play that part.

But before I get into all of that, let’s back up and talk about the news of Judge Faith Jenkins and Kenny Lattimore’s engagement 

(insert video of Kenny Lattimore)

Judge Faith Jenkins starts off by saying,

Some personal news, I’m engaged!

Many of you know Kenny Lattimore as an incredibly talented vocalist and while I couldn’t be more proud of his legendary work as an artist, to me and all who know him personally, it’s who he is on the inside that makes him a star.  His beautiful spirit has captured my heart, with a heart emoji

Kenny you are one of the kindest, most genuine souls on the planet.  I’ve never met anyone like you.  In a world where I was told my standards were too high, you came in my life from day one and exceeded them all!  You made me thankful that I refused to settle.  You showed me the essence and integrity of true love. The first time you took me by the hand to lead us in prayer I knew this would be different.  And I was right, just remember I’m always right with a laughing emoji.  You embody all I’ve ever wanted in a life partner and on top of it all you’re an amazing dad with a heart emoji

My husband to be, I always knew you existed.

She says thank you to Pastor Brian for our pre-engagement counseling, the meaning of marriage was an awesome read at Devon Franklin for you and Meagan’s leadership with The Wait

and that’s what Devon Franklin’s book is called y’all The Wait. 

She say Devon we’re so happy about your role at our wedding.  @Aaron Lindsey we love you and more to say about Aaron soon and our family and friends for your prayers and support.

So yes, this is a really proud moment to be a part of.  Judge Faith Jenkins is from Louisiana, so she is a southern bell like myself.  There are so many great things to say about this engagement, and it’s so encouraging for so many women, who think they will never get married.

Judge Faith is 41 with no kids.  She is very successful and I’m not sure why men feel intimated by all she has to offers.  I guess it just takes the right man to love all that about you.  But I’m proud of her that she didn’t settle.  She stood in her truth and it looks like it brought her some joy.  Joy that the world didn’t give, so they can’t take it away.  And both Kenny and Judge Faith are private people. Obviously…. The engagement pictures are the first pictures they have posted on social media about one another, which is really sweet.  It shows they are on the same page and setting a great foundation for their marriage to continue to grow on.

Now, I wanna talk about what Kenny Lattimore wrote on his Instagram page as well, he says,

She said yes. 

I’m happy to share the exciting news about our engagement today!  My fiancĂ©e Judge Faith Jenkins is known to many of you as the beauty with a whole lot of brains.  She is indeed that and much more!

Faith I am forever grateful to God for His faithfulness in sending me you.  To say you are the total package is a vast understatement.  You are powerful and passionate about life and yet your presence brings me so much peace.  Your drive and ambition never cease to amaze me and your heart is filled with love and empathy for others.  Everything you do on and off tv is done with dignity and grace, it’s why you’re an inspiration to so many, including me.  I posted my song Deserve last week as it says everything about us that I feel  We are have something so rare, you don’t deserve the wait any longer.  I’m ready to make you mine forever.  I’m honored you said YES to our forever.

Kenny’s words were very touching.  He talks about faithfulness and God sending her to him.  It’s very inspirational, but as I mentioned earlier Kenny comes from a spiritual background and he has continue to carry his faith into his adulthood growing from a boy to man.    

Kenny says he used to get a lot of pushback from the R&B world to tone down his faith and to increase his sex appeal.  It was very difficult for him, because he came from a gospel background.  A lot of people didn’t know that and many still don’t know til this day. 

When you’re first coming out as an artist in the industry there’s a story that is designed for you.  Being a black man who was a Christian back in 1996, and 1997, was an era where people thought black men should be a thug, because hip hop was really popular then. I was none of that.  So walking in the authenticity of my faith and being this kind of clean cut all American didn’t fit into much of the music industry’s agenda. 

It was by God’s grace that I even had a music career.  I don’t credit it to them liking me, because it would just depend on who that person was, but they liked my music, they embraced what I was saying, and that was a big deal to me. 

So, he says he had a lot of pressure to appear sexier and as a matter of fact, by the third album he was told that he needed to be a sophisticated artist like R&B singer and song writer R. Kelly. 

Kenny says in terms of R. Kelly’s messages in songs and what he is about, it was such a contradiction that the idea hurt.  It was painful he says, because it was like you really don’t want me to be as respectful to women, and you want people to question my integrity as a man and whether I would take their women from them, because that to you is an interesting image of a black man.

The most popular song he ever song was For You.  And when I hear that song, it makes me think about my own husband, my marriage, it speaks to real life situations that I have gone through.  But when I think about artists like Chris Brown, B2K, it doesn’t give me the same effect.  So, I can understand what Kenny means when he says the industry wants you to have a certain image to reach a certain audience.

And in the industry, It’s very important that the artist sets a foundation for their audience, because it keeps the audience interested.  So, when the music industry told Kenny he needed to be a sophisticated R. Kelly, they wanted him to grab an audience.  Therefore, the audience would be loyal, they would buy his music, go to his concerts, because they were committed to the person more than the music.  I hope that makes sense. 

I mention earlier that Kenney didn’t consider his self to be a sex symbol.  He says he didn’t grow up with a whole lot of women telling me how fine I was.  I was never a player guy, I was very quiet, shy, fairly introverted as a child growing up.  So, all of a sudden I became this guy in the music industry, I was on these videos and the women were like Wow, like saying wow in a way like you are fine and Kenny says he almost took it like a joke, like are you kidding me.  And therefore, he never took any of that flirting from women serious, because he knew that wasn’t him. 

So, He says that kept him level headed and grounded he had to spend time in service and I’m assuming he is talking about church service, he says he spends time around people who remind me of who I am and remind me of the importance of God.  I have pastors and friends who really check on me and that I can be transparent with.  I don’t read a lot of hype.  I’m not googling myself to find out what everybody thinks.  I’m living my life authentically, I’m not absorbed with me as much.  I’ve learned to make moment with my son, because this is it, this is all the time I’m going to have.  So, what I have to do is create moments and begin to live my life in a way that is healthy. 

A lot of artist get overwhelmed with the attention and their lives become unhealthy.  There’s something about being rested, some people would also say centered, but for me it’s about being rested and centered in God and knowing my purpose.  When I can remember my purpose, I think I’m able to deal with situations better. 

In between my divorce, I spend 5 to 6 years on hiatus, before I released anything.  I had to rediscover what my purpose was and God gave me something.  He say you’ve always sang to the hearts of women and to the minds of men encouraging them in love. 

Now Kenny was also married to R&B singer from R&B Divas Chante Moore, remember her song Chante’s got a man at home.  Well, they were only married for 8-9 years.  Not sure of what the split was, but it sounds like Kenny is saying he thought she was the right person for him, but when they got behind closed doors and in to the meat of their marriage, things were different.  He says to the Tom Joyner Morning show back in 2016, he says I think Chante wanted something else from the marriage or him, that maybe he wasn’t able to offer.  He says it was his faith in God that got him through the rough patches with Chante.  I started to understand that this is why marriage is for a lifetime.  The commitment is even higher than the person, because people are going to let you down.  I don’t think we were committed to the same commitment.  I am sure that I will get marry again, because I believe in marriage, to the institution of marriage 100 percent.  I will leave other people out, except who are truly ministering and feeding into the success of my marriage. 

And y’all I don’t believe in divorce, I feel you should try to work it out as best you can, but it’s hard to fight for your marriage if the other person is listening to other people more than they are listening to you and I am your spouse.  Especially, if they are not feeding your marriage with righteous things and the other person looking in is one sided. 

One more thing I want to point out is Kenny Lattimore’s financial status.  Now there is also a lot of talk about whether this man has money.  So, first, Judge Faith Jenkins net worth is estimated at $2 million dollars, Kenny’s net worth is also estimated at $2 million dollars.  And to me that’s a lot of money.  They will be fine and will do well together.  That’s sound like more than enough money for the both of them and you never know what opportunities are knocking at their door.

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