OWN: Why and When did Martell Holt cheat on Melody his wife Love & Marriage Huntsville:Season 2 Ep 1

Why did Martell Cheat?

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Today we are going to be talking about Love and Marriage Huntsville. 

Mainly about Melody and Martell and the explanation of when and why he cheated.  

This is a continuation season from earlier this year, because Love and Marriage Huntsvile, just aired sometime earlier this year. 

Like I said before, on the show you have Melody and Martell.  They are the popular couple on the show, because at the end of last season we  found out that Martell had an affair on his wife Melody. 

None of the other couples really bought the rating in like Melody and Martell, so that’s why they are one of the more popular couples on the show.  Even when you look at the advertisements for Love and Marriage Huntsville, it features Melody and Martell about 95% of the time. 

So, yes they are the couple that brings in the rating. 

Even on this Youtube channel, the commentary that I did for Love and Marriage earlier this year is one of my biggest videos on this channel so far.

So, that’s just to give you guys a little insight of why Melody and Martell are such popular couples on the show.

The show is produced by Carlos King and he must be real happy to see the rating are good, but I look at like this, no amount money is worth me losing my husband, kids, and what we have worked so hard to build, for 5 seconds of fame. 

So, anyway about this affair, Martell said it was 3 years.  Melody said 2 ½.  So, I don’t know who is telling the truth.  

A lot of people like myself wanted to know why though. 

Why did Martell cheat. 

And I feel like Martell actually answers that question in the first episode. 

You know he keeps changing his mind about his reasons for cheating.  Last season it was respectfully cheating.  Whatever that means.

But listen, we are going to hear his case and hear him out.  Because they have to keep this storyline up, because they are the butter and bread for the show. 

Now, Martell also mentions how the affair started.  Which I’m interested to see what y’all think about that, and on the first episode Melody consults with a lawyer to possibly file for divorce.  I don’t think Martell knew about Meldoy going to go see the lawyer, but she did know about Martell going to see a counselor.  And I guess he goes to Dr. Francis, who is the  counselor to work out his marriage woes.  Maybe he is seeking advise on how to repair his marriage.  I really don’t know, and why do you y’all think?

So, going back to the question why did Martell Cheat?  First, a lot of women want to know why does a man cheat in the first place and I’m not trying to say Martell is the voice of reasoning for a cheating man, but he does give some insight as to why he cheated and how it all started. 

So, he says he cheated, because he wanted one other woman besides his wife. 

He said Melody his wife provided everything, but he just wanted more.   It sounds like to me he wanted a side piece, which is exactly what he got.   

He called this other woman that he had an affair on was a peasant and he says she was low class.  I don’t think he should be calling this other lady out like that.  Those words are so hurtful.

But let’s talk about how the affair started.  Martell says to Dr. Francis, birds of a feather flock together. 

He had been hanging with guys that were notorious for cheating on their wife or their woman.  He says he knew they wasn’t right.  By hanging out with the wrong the crowd, they influence him to cheat on his wife.  This is what Martell admitted to his counselor.   

Dr. Francis ask Martell  if this other lady was a peasant compared to your wife, then why would you be with someone like her.  

Martell says, my mind was gone and I don’t know why I cheated. 

I think we all can make a great guess that Martell seems like a broken man.  A man who enjoys being married does not cheat and hurt his wife in this capacity. 

I love it when Dr. Francis tells Martell that he needs to study his-self.  He has spent way to much time studying his wife and making him happy,that maybe he forgot about himself in the process. 

He says to, Martell you were a good husband, because you studied your wife and you knew how to be a good husband to her. 

But in the process of studying your wife and meeting almost her every need, you lost yourself at the expense of being a good husband to her by making sure she was taken care of and not taking care of yourself. 

He gives an example, by saying we dress the part, we play the part, we go to church right.  And, because Martell was a good husband in that aspect, when things didn’t go right in their marriage, in their lives, in their business together, in their home, with their kids, in the bedroom, he blamed her, because on his end he thinks he did everything right.  Because he learned the art of studying and knowing his wife. 

And I think that is really hard to study and know someone.  And then you have to keep up with their trends, because people change. 

It’s something strange to me about Martell being in a  2-3 year relationship with another woman and he has a whole family at home.  He knew Melody too well, to be able to keep this up for 2-3 years and makes me ask Melody how well did you know your husband. 

I don’t want to twist this on her, but women we have to pay more attention to things, to routines, to things that seem out of the ordinary, because I guarantee you that your man is keeping an eye on you. 

Now Melody is at a point in the marriage, where she wants a divorce.  She through with being sick and tired with sick and tired. 

Melody friends do not understand what she is going through.  Tisha wants the Comeback group back together.  Kimmie said she has never heard this side from Melody when she was talking to those women at the Mimosa.  I want to say you didn’t know, because you wasn’t a good friend.  But it couldn’t have been Melody was being the most easiest person to talk to at that time she was going through.  Who knows.  Friendships can be up and down sometimes.

Alright, y’all so I am about to wrap up this video, thanks for watching and make sure you subscribe so we can talk about Episode 2.  Talk to you later bye. 

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