Real Housewives Producer said Yovanna suspended for putting hands on Porsha Williams+ Instagram live

Real Housewives Producer said Yovanna suspended for putting hands on Porsha Williams+ Instagram live

First, congratulations to all the ladies, they hit a season high from Sunday night’s episode with 2 million viewers.

Now, I thought it was weired that Yovanna went straight home after the fight in Marlo’s hotel’s room.  Yovanna never got the opportunity to talk with the other ladies the very next day, we just see her in the lobby heading out.

The only two people who mention they were leaving and not staying for the reminder of the Toronto trip was NeNe and Eva.  And I think Bravo put those scenes in there to purposefully show us that Yovanna was not planning on leaving early, but was forced to leave early and here is the reason why.

So, the tea is sis. 

Allegedly and I have to say allegedly, because it’s all alleged, but I really feel strongly that this is the reason Yovanna left that morning after the fight in Marlo’s room.

So, it’s being reported that Yovanna put hands on Porsha Williams and the producers ask her to leave.  Now this story was leaked months ago, but fast forward to real time it makes sense as to why producers asked her to leave and why we didn’t see her that next morning at the carnival with the other ladies. 

So, the report says, All the ladies were arguing, but the energy in the room changed, when Kenya told Nene to shut the freak up.  Nene then got up to physically confront Kenya and both ladies started yelling in each other’s faces.

While Nene kept her hands to herself, her friend Yovanna, who had a few drinks didn’t. 

Yovanna and Porsha were also arguing and during the argument, a producer said that Yovanna put hands on Porsha.  It’s not clear what type of hands she gave to Porsha, but Bravo is taking the alleged assault seriously. 

Yovanna was sent home from the Toronto trip early and will likely face a suspension similar to the one NeNe faced when she attacked a cameraman during filming last season.  And my source for this story is media take out dot com.

So, yeah I find it funny y’all how Yovanna was on Sister Circle defending her claim that she is not the snake, meanwhile homegirl is facing suspension from the show for trying to fight Porsha Williams. 

Another point I want to make is I know several blogs have said that Yovanna is not the snake.

  And to me it makes more sense now why that is a fact, why she is not the snake and why now Nene is coming off as being the snake.

I personally believe Nene gave Yovanna this information to present to the group about this mysteriously audio.  Nene has blamed Yovanna and Yovanna went on Sister Circle to blame.

Yovanna also took live to her Instagram to address this issue too. 

So, there you have it guys.  Thank you for watching, I really appreciate it and I will talk to you guys in the next video bye.

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