They are blaming Kobe’s death on the fog how his wife is dealing, what did Kobe do before crash

They are blaming Kobe’s death on the fog how his wife is dealing, what did Kobe do before crash

The world is still mourning over the death of Kobe Bryant, our brother, our friend, our favorite basketball player of all time.  Many are still shocked by the news of his death.  He died in a plane crash accident along with his daughter and 7 others Sunday January 26, 2020, which was just a week ago.

Peace and blessings to all the families involve, because we know that it just wasn’t Kobe Bryant’s family that was the only ones affected by this tragedy. 

Vanessa, Kobe Bryant’s wife had her Instagram page set to private the moment the world found out that he was tragically killed in a helicopter accident on Sunday. 

For 3 days it remained private until she posted this message Wednesday night. 

I won’t read it all, but I hope when you read this message from her, it brought hope and  some type of comfort to you. 

At the end of this post she leaves us with these words by saying thank you so much for lifting us up in your prayers, and for loving Kobe, herself, and their four girls. 

Yahoo news is reporting that hours before releasing the statement about Kobe Bryant, Vanessa had already paid tribute to Kobe and Gigi. 

Fans noticed she changed her Instagram profile photo to one of her husband and child. 

Which is this photo here, where Gigi is looking up at her dad with her arm draped over his shoulder. 

A source tells Yahoo news that Vanessa is working very hard to pull it together for her other 3 daughters, because she now has to be the strong one.  And despite their ups and downs Vanessa and Kobe were soulmates, that she thought of him as her partner for life. 

TMZ founder Harvey Levin, was one of the first media sources to report on the news of the helicopter crash and said in an interview this week that Vanessa was informed about the death of her husband and daughter before the world knew.    He says we dealt with Kobe’s people for an hour before we published the story and we were told very clearly that Vanessa had been notified. 

Harvey said he got the tip from law enforcement and had been talking to Kobe’s people and dealing with them an hour before the story was published.  And they gave him the okay to go for it. 

So, there’s a little drama behind the scenes of how the news of Kobe Bryant’s death should have been handled.  But it makes sense that Vanessa knew about this way before we did, because her IG page went from pubic to private.  However, now it is back public again.  And you know sometimes people need a little privacy to get themselves together.  She knew the comments and dm’s were coming from Kobe Bryant’s supporters, so I’m sure she just took a minute from social media.

Now, we all know that being in a relationship can have its challenges and there are ups and downs and those challenges just don’t go away, because you get married. 

Just 18 days before Kobe’s death, he told the podcast called all the smoke, that when he is asked about how he keeps his marriage strong throughout his own martial problems and through the ups and downs, he said it boils down to two important components and that is commitment and the competitiveness of we’re going to succeed.  That’s all the beauty of it, he says, that having the persistence and determination to work through things that were very, very, tough and the dedication and competitiveness to succeed has shown up in their 19 year marriage together.  

And as nosey as I am, I wondered what was Kobe Bryant doing before he got on the helicopter Sunday. 

It was on a Sunday afternoon, right after church that I received the news of what had taken place and the Daily Mail reported that Kobe Bryant was indeed at church Sunday morning too. 

The Daily Mail says Kobe and Gigi went to church just hours before their death.  They attended a 7am Catholic Mass and received communion at the Cathedral of Our Lady Queen of the Angels in Newport Beach.  At 9:06am after leaving church Kobe and his daughter Gigi boarded the helicopter along with the seven others who also died in the accident at John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana. 

All of this was confirmed by Bishop Timothy who is the Bishop of that church that Kobe and his family attended. 

He took to Facebook to make this post….

Kobe Bryant was an icon who inspired us through his words and actions to set our goals, work hard, and achieve our dreams.  He was a committed Catholic who loved his family and loved his faith.  A long time Orange County resident and parishioner, Kobe would frequently attend Mass and sit in the back of the church so that his presence would not distract people from focusing on Christ’s presence. 

Now, on April 18, 2001 Kobe married Vanessa Laine Bryant and it would have been 20 years this year of April 2020.  They meet November of 2000 and got married just a few months after dating.  So, technically that’s 20 years together. 

I think in all of this the biggest unanswered question is how did this accident occur.

I believe like the last 2 years, this had become a routine for Kobe to fly back and forth for convenience. 

Kobe said he had to figure out a way where he could still train and focus on his craft, but still not compromise family time.  And says, that’s why he looked into helicopters.  Thank goodness his remaining daughters and wife were not on that flight.    

The aircraft that Kobe and the other passengers were in was a really good helicopter.  It was top notch and top of the line.  It was big, fast, and compared to almost like a jet. 

In the last message before the crash on Sunday Kobe Bryant’s pilot told air traffic control he was climbing to avoid a cloud layer. 

The helicopter left John Wayne Airport in Orange County just after 9am on Sunday on an overcast day.  Which is like cloudy or grey weather.   

As they began traveling the pilot could visible see 4 miles out and as they continue to travel the 4 miles turned into only 2 ½ miles that he had visibility, because the pilot began to encountered what they called a lowering cloud deck.  Which decreased his visibility of what was in front of him.

When he reached Burbank, the pilot asked for a special visual flight rules clearance that would allow him to fly at visibility. 

The special visual flight rules clearances allows pilots to fly in weather that is worse than the standard visual flight rules and are issued when cloud ceiling are below 1,000 feet above ground level. 

Witness reported seeing the helicopter flying through a layer of clouds and fog seconds before it crashed. 

So, an investigation is definitely going on with all of this.  As of right now, I’m not sure what could have been done differently to prevent the crash, because it is still under an investigation. 

But I hope that provided a little insight as to what that
Sunday morning looked like for Kobe, his daughter, and the 7 other passengers on that helicopter that lost their life. 

Thank you guys for watching.  Please show some love for all the passengers in the comment section of this video.  I would love to hear what you have to say.

As always thanks for watching and I will talk to you in the  next video.  Bye. 

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