TI&Tiny Family Hustle LeToya Luckett husband Tommy says we're an open book don't hold anything back

TI&Tiny Family Hustle LeToya Luckett’s husband Tommy these are some of the issues in our marriage Hey Hey guys and welcome welcome back to the channel. Tommy and LeToya have been arguing a lot on television lately. Their show TI & Tiny’s Family Hustle is picking their marriage apart, like they live on front street. But Tommy and LeToya continue to put out in the atmosphere that they want their marriage to be a testimony for others. Tommy says, That’s what it’s all about, being honest and transparent, me and my wife, we’re an open book. We don’t hold anything back. We definitely want to help people out, because our marriage and relationship is real. Anytime we get a platform, we just want people to understand this is how marriage goes or these are some of the issues that we might had and this is how we have handled it in the past. It’s definitely been a benefit to a lot of people that’s around us and it was therapy for us. Tommy said I knew LeToya was the one when we talked on the phone, because we talked on the phone for about a month. Just her energy she had on the phone, her spirit, her personality, it show all the way through the phone and at the time it was something I was praying for. I was asking God, hey send me a wife I’m ready now, I became celibate for a long time and I got out the game. And I was like Lord, you know what I’m ready. So, after we finally met, after a month of conversation, we read the bible together, then when her for the first time that night at a restaurant where she picked me up at, I knew from there, she was going to be my wife. That’s based on the conversations we had leading up to that moment. We read the bible and prayed together every single night and it felt good. And God gave me confirmation, before I even meet this woman, that I knew for sure she was going to be my wife. So, once I met her in person and she was looking fine as wine, I knew. But you know if we go back to the show TI & Tiny Friends and Family Hustle Toya says, this, Your priority has always been Madison and I’m not. Which is probably why I have feelings that I do, because I’ve fighting for my husband, fighting for my place in your life, fighting for our relationship, fighting for our marriage, I’ve been fighting for my place. Tommy tells her to stop it. Stop with that. You ain’t been fight a dang thang. Just running your mouth making stuff sound good. On the show we also see Tommy board a plane after this argument that him and LeToya had. And LeToya said Tommy has been running since we got married. LeToya says on their wedding night her and Tommy argued behind Tommy’s daughter, because he wanted her to stay with them after she fell asleep and missed most of the activities during the reception. They had to call Pastor John Gray to get some help. #vh1familyhustle #EDHQ #YesMarriageStillWorks

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