When He Wants the Best for You and Brings the Best Out of You

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My husband is a man of very few words.  So, when I wanted to step out on faith and start a business I really felt in the beginning he was not supportive.  Of course we talked about how it was growing, because he noticed the time I was putting into the new business, but I really wanted his support in other ways.  And if you're asking in what ways, as I begin to think back to that time, I'm not actually sure what I wanted from him.  I guess if I really think about it, I wanted him to share my desires, my dreams about the business, and fully engaged himself in it.  But I know now, he wouldn't do that, because it wasn't his dream.  It was mines.  

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I was talking to a friend one day and I was telling him how I feel like my husband wasn't supportive and the more I talked to this friend I realized, wait...my husband is actually being very supportive.  I started telling this friend how my husband makes sure he pays the cable bill every month, to making sure I have internet at the house to work on my side hustle, how he bump up our internet plan on our phone account to make sure I had more than enough data to upload and communicate with people online, how he didn't complain when I was dedicating 8 or more hours to this side hustle and was not giving him as much time as I once was, and the more I started realizing that part, realization hit me like a ton of bricks and I understand now that supporting someone shows up differently in everybody's life.  

I always tell my friends and family members who are married and dating to really know your spouse.  Being a supportive husband looked different on my husband, than what I have seen in other people's relationships and marriage.  He didn't brag on me in front of people, he wasn't side by side with me while I was working on my side hustle, but he did what he knew how to do best and that's keep the bills paid for me to work on my new business. 

That was back in 2015 when I started the new business and it's now 2021 and my husband has shown so much support in so many other ways.  All the ways I wanted him to support me then, he is doing it now.  And I just want to encourage you to keep praying, striving, and believing that you will get that reaction out of your husband that you are looking for.  It may not be in the beginning, heck it may be 5 years from now, but if you keep going, he will eventually see your good works.  

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