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Marriage Arguments

 Marriage Arguments?

Husband Quotes: Marriage Arguments
Arguing with your husband? Don't fret me too!!

A lot of the times the silliest things can cause division in a marriage.

Oh, you don't believe me, well let tell you why.

The main reason is you are two people coming together to make this thing called marria

Even if you have been together 20 plus years, you find yourself still arguing over the same things 20 years ago. Trust me I'm speaking on facts and not assumptions.

But what I have learned is to speak on those things and let my spouse know what bothers me. Sometimes it changes him, sometimes it doesn't.

And that's the thing you can't look for it to always change him. You just have to accept what speaking your truth did for you. You don't want to hold that stuff in and allow it manifest in you and then all of a sudden during an argument you are trying to unpack 50 things in one argument. Don't let that stuff build up in you. Tell your husband and address it immediately. Do not give the enemy any right in your marriage.

He will use the smallest of things to cause arguments. No, we bind Satan up in the name of Jesus.

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