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Can You Change a Grown Man?

Can You Change a Grown Man?

No, you can not change a grown man.  Why did you ever think you have the mental, physical, and spiritual capacity to change him.  The changing starts with you.  
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A grown man is usually set in his ways.  You can have an influence in his life, where he may adapt to the change, but you can never change who he is at his core.   When he is ready to change, he will change.  Your nagging, when you get upset with him, when you cuss him out, when you try to do tit for tat, when you try to avoid him, or even when you try to punish him by taking sex or something like that away from him, will not make him change.  

Instead if you want him to change, think about exactly what you want that change to be.  You can have influence on him changing by not negotiating or compromising on the things you want to change about him.  So for example if he is spending too much time away from home, don't be so gullible when he finally is at home and you as the woman try to make up for all the times, that he stayed out away from home.  If he is working and that is his reason for not being at home, then that is different.  

But making it seem like it's okay for him to be away from home a lot and he's not productive while away, and he's just hanging out is a no!  He does not have that right to come in and bring confusion, because that's what it is when it comes to playing with your feelings and emotions by spending time with you, when he is ready.  It's like he is doing it on his own terms.  And in a relationship, you have to consider the other person's feelings all of the time.  

Can You Change a Grown Man

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