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How To Fall in Love

How to Fall in Love

How to Fall in Love

 How long did it take you to fall in love with your spouse? He had me hooked on the first date. It was something about a man treating me at the Olive Garden in 2002.  No my bad it was an Italian restaurant called Monjunis.  

Of course I had several other boyfriends before him, but nobody had ever treated me to a nice dinner before him.  I mean spending $30 - $35 on a meal for two back then was expensive.  Which I know that is nothing compared to 2022, but it was special y'all.  

So, honey that is how you fall in love with a man.  It has to be something different, that makes him stand out from the rest of the crayons in the box, lmbo.  To this day, which is almost 20 years later, there are very few things that surprise me with him.  However, he comes through with a few gifts that knock me off my feet and make me feel like that 17 year old girl again.  

Just know if you have a man like that, you are truly blessed indeed.  Focus on the good times and pray through the bad.  Challenge your husband in ways that will help him to grow, but don't challenge him to the point of no return.  Meaning be gentle, be kind, and most importantly be patient.  

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